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EPG showing incorrect schedule for channel


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Hi Team, 


I've come across an interesting bug; the channel EPG is showing the schedule for the wrong channel. This is something that has recently started happening. 


I've attached three screen shots:


Screenshot 01: 10HD EPG schedule showing as correct
Screenshot 02: 9HD Brisbane EPG schedule showing as correct
Screenshot 03: 9HD Sunshine Coast EPG schedule showing 10HD's schedule, which it should be the same as 9HD Brisbane.


I've done a new channel scan and EPG update; however, the problem is still happening. 


A workaround I'm doing for recording on 9HD Sunshine Coast is set recordings using 9HD Brisbane and then changing the timer settings to use 9HD Sunshine Coast.









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According to the DVB specifications the channel <-> EPG data assignment is based on a unique "path" to the channel (similar to a path on your hard disk identifying a file):


Network ID -> (Transport)Stream ID -> Service ID


The Network ID specifies the DVB network, the Transport Stream ID the transport stream within the DVB network and the Service ID the service (channel) within the transport stream. DVBViewer retrieves the numeric IDs for each channel when performing a channel scan. You can inspect the values in the DVBViewer Channel Editor. Received EPG data also contains these three IDs, enabling DVBViewer to assign EPG data to channels.


In your case something seems to go wrong with this ID system, either because the broadcaster doesn't handle it properly, or because DVBViewer & DMS muddle it up somehow (no known issue up to now). So please check in the DVBViewer Channel Editor if there is some kind of ambiguity concerning the IDs, or the Network ID is 0, which would let DVBViewer/DMS regard it as wildcard, matching any other ID.


Something that may cause such an issue is a mix of DVB-T channels from different transmitters supplying neighbouring regions.


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