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How to make recordings start LATER as DEFAULT�


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I am a really BIG fan of DVBViewer Pro, having been using it for years and years. I even paid twice, and would probably want to pay for a third time, because I so very much appreciate DVBViewer Pro. THANK YOU! ?


There is only one thing I would like to have available. Or am I missing something? How do I ADD, say 3 minutes, to the starting time of a program recording *AS DEFAULT* in settings to make recordings start LATER. We have Lead Time ("negative" minutes) and Follow-Up Time ("positive" minutes), but the Lead Time cannot be used to set recordings to start LATER.


Nowadays, TV programs start quite nicely in time, but in many channels there are ALWAYS 2-4 minutes of advertisements. So I very much would appreciate an option to set ALL Timer Recordings to automatically, by default, START for example 3 minutes LATER, not only 0 or earlier.


Or, to repeat, am I really missing something? Thank you EVER so much!   ? Appreciated. ?

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most users attach importance to recording a program in full. For example, I have a lead and lag of 10 minutes each, which is sometimes still not enough.


If you only want to watch the recordings with a time delay, 2-3 minutes shouldn't matter much. And if you want to archive them, you could cut off the leading and trailing edges. Either with the video editor from DVBViewer, TS-Doctor or FFMpeg.


The latter is free but has a command line interface.

FFmpeg for Windows can be downloaded here: https://www.videohelp.com/software?d=ffmpeg-4.2.1-win64-static.zip

A graphical user interface is available here: https://www.heise.de/download/product/winff-55610

However, the FFmpeg parameters must also be entered here.


I often convert recordings from DVB-T2 HD (HEVC, H.265) to MPEG for devices whose graphics are not powerful enough. For this I use a batch file in which I can also enter the start and end time of the conversion. I determine this beforehand with MPC-HC or VLC media player.


The command line for me is: "% FFMPEG%" -ss  %Startzeit% -to %Endzeit% -i  "%ORG%" -f dvd -target pal-dvd -r 25 -s 720x576 -qscale 0 "%NEW%"

Startzeit is the start time in the form hh: mm: ss

Endzeit is end time in the form hh: mm: ss

ORG is the source file

NEW is the converted file with the correct file extension, mpg for me.

The "" and %% are due to the batch file.


The full FFmpeg_batch.bat is:


@echo off
REM set Startzeit
REM set Endzeit
echo Bitte Startzeit eingeben in der Form HH:MM:SS
set /p Startzeit=
echo Bitte Endzeit eingeben in der Form HH:MM:SS
set /p Endzeit=

REM pause

REM anpassen bitte
REM set FFMPEG=C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe
set FFMPEG=C:\Programme\Ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe

REM original dragged file
set drive=%~d1
set path=%~p1
set filename_only=%~n1
set extension_only=%~x1

REM  New FileName
REM anpassen bitte
set new_drive=%~d1
set new_path=%~p1
set new_extension_only=.mpg

REM global     

set ORG=%drive%%path%%filename_only%%extension_only%
set NEW=%new_drive%%new_path%%filename_only%%new_extension_only%
REM FFMPEG execute
REM paramet ggfs anpassen bitte
REM "%FFMPEG%" -i "%ORG%" -f dvd -target pal-dvd -vb 8000k -mbd rd -trellis 1 -flags +mv0 -cmp 0 -subcmp 2 "%NEW%"
REM "%FFMPEG%" -i "%ORG%" -f mp3 "%NEW%"
REM "%FFMPEG%" -i "%ORG%" -f dvd -target pal-dvd "%NEW%"
"%FFMPEG%" -ss %Startzeit% -to %Endzeit% -i "%ORG%" -f dvd -target pal-dvd -r 25 -s 720x576 -qscale 0 "%NEW%"            




Paths and file extensions still have to be adjusted. The file extension determines in which format is recoded.

The batch file can be sent to the desktop and the file to be cut can be dropped on it.



Many greetings



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