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DVB Viewer 3.0 many Problems


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I´ve made a new installation of DVB 3.0 and i have many problems. I can´t change anything in the setup menu. I can change it on the screen but when i push the apply button nothing changed. So i would like to change to german language but the DVBViewer only give me english language. I´ve also had a close problem because i can´t close the DVBViewer. I had alway stop the viewer with the Task Manger. My other Versions of DVBViewer (2.2 + 2.3 beta) are working well without problems. I habe XP SP with a Geforce 2ti, 512MB Ram and a well working system.

Whats wrong with the new DVBViewer ;)

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Well the new version has tons of more features and concerning your problems:

1. Options->General: There you can change the language

2. Options->DirectX: Make sure that you had set a directshow mpeg decoder manually

3. Make sure that you have GDIPlus installed - it is part of XP/2k3 and for older versions you should download it freely from microsoft. If you downloaded the DVBViewer binary which was upped later today at 6pm it should be part of the distribution.

4. Plugins: Some of them do no longer work: NewOSD and Visualizer can cause crashs (they are obsolete in the new version!)



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i Know how i can change the language in the general part but when i choose "Deutsch" and apply there´s no change to german language.

How can i find in my system if gdiplus is installed or how can i install it manual ?

Probably this might be the error ?!

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With the new setup.xml the problem is solved !! GREAT!!

But i can´t open the OSD to the the HTPC Screen ?

Is there´s a plugin i had to install from an older version of DVBViewer ?

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the default key defined for OSD is ESC. The others are up, down, left, right and enter. If you would like to change this, this can be done in the options under inputs->keyboard.



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Thanks, no it works perfectly !!

i have one question for the weather plugin. The thumbs of the weather(little pictures) i have downloaded, but there´s no help file in which folder i had to copy this picture files (*.png´s) so that i can see them on the weather screen ?

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i have one problem with the weatherplugin in DVBViewer 3.


i could delete the custom weatherlocations (erfurt and halle). and add new locations.


but after a restart of DVBViewer, halle and erfurt are again in the list.


i have nothing against this cities in the east of germany, but it would be nice to see my hometown first! :)


can u help me?

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i had the same problem.

close your DVBViewer

delete the XML Files in %dvbviewerfolder%/weather

edit the %dvbviewerfolder%/setup.xml with a text editor and delete the entries under " <section name="theWeatherLocations">"


seems to be a joke by your head-programmer :)

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i've done exactly what you say,

but at the next start all cities are in the list. also mine...


i deleted any *.xml in /weather

and deleted the lines you told me :o





ok i don't done exactly what you say.


sorry it was my fault --- no tired after an hard day!


Thanks a lot! :bounce:

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