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WinTV 950Q no longer able to select American ATSC

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Need help with a 950q after updating DVBViewer.  Satellite still is fine, but I can not get the 950q out of cable mode. Used TranEdit and scanned 71 channels fine and copied them to Viewer. When I click on one it says no hardware found. When click on harware, the option to use cable or ATSC is greyed out. I have reloaded drivers and everything else under the sun but no luck. Help please.

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Disregard. I did a search under hardware for 950q and nothing related came up. Started browsing the bug forum and found my answer. Had to use note pad++ and edit tuner type to 3. Thanks for a great program, I am sure as stated in that thread the bug will be worked out.


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Please post the <section name="..."> line from your hardware.xml, so I can check the vendor and product ID of your device and set a flag in the DVBViewer hardware database that enables tuner type selection on Options -> Hardware in future. The values are most likely vid_2040&pid_7200, but they may have changed in a new hardware revision.


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