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Sound problem with cutting .ts into .mkv in Avidemux


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I have recorded a .ts file through PVR function in DVBViewer (.ts, 1080p H.265/AAC). It plays nicely in MPC-HC, but is nearly unplayable in VLC (sound plays, video is lagging). Now I want to cut the file and transfer it into mkv container.

So I opened it in Avidemux 2.7.8

Started selection in I-frame, ended selection on P-Frame, chosen MKV muxer, selected copy for both video and audio stream. Saved as mkv. No sound plays in either avidemux (play preview) or saved video... Video is long 82m48s with size 1 740 285 599 bytes, but when I save it as a raw (video only) its size is 1 738 361 065 bytes. So something clearly happens to audio track.


Does anybody have an advice?

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I usually cut .ts files and remove unneeded audio tracks with "TSPlayer" (from DVBViewer member area, section "Tools") and then use free command line tool h264tsto to convert it to a .mkv file. Perhaps cutting with TSPlayer is enough to get it working in VLC? I do .mkv only for my SmartTV that has problems playing .ts properly.


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Sadly cutting with TSPlayer is neither precise enough nor enough to seek/play without problems in VLC.

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I use VideoRedo to edit files that I have recorded using DVBViewer from a satellite tuner card, a DVB-T2 tuner card and a video capture card, all mostly H264/AAC or AC3 mostly 1080i. I can then convert to H265 as part of the editing process. I haven’t found the need to use H265 as a source file but the program can do that and it is available for a trial period.



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