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HBB TV Error

Paweł Kubala

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On Polish terrestrial TV, instead of HBBTV, I see the message "Cannot load page!". What should I do to make it display correctly? 


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The page itself works within the DVBViewer. To be honest it does not really look like a HbbTV website, more like a regular website running in a browser.



Did your firewall blocks the internet communication in the DVBViewer?



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Thank's for the answer. It's strange because, for me, when I go to the link, it displays a graphic encouraging me to use the HBB TV app and what to press (I attached pic). And that should display in DVBViewer.  I tried disabling the firewall and trying again - doesn't work. Besides, HBBTV works on some other channels, e.g. German channels, or Polish TVN or Polsat. The error message is displayed on the channels TVP1, TVP2, TVP Sport.


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@hackbartMaybe a redirect would help?


In DVBViewer.log it is:

03.02.22 12:25:30.170 TAITParser           TVP Portal       http://hbbtest.v3.tvp.pl/hub/index_tvp_1.php (1)
03.02.22 12:25:30.222 Hbbtv.LoadInBrowser  Set transparent color key
03.02.22 12:25:31.682 Hbbtv.LoadInBrowser  Set transparent color key
03.02.22 12:25:31.683 Hbbtv.LoadResource   http://hbbtest.v3.tvp.pl/hub/index_tvp_1.php
03.02.22 12:25:31.786 Hbbtv.LoadResource   http://hbbtest.v3.tvp.pl/hub/css/styles.css
03.02.22 12:25:31.786 Hbbtv.LoadResource   http://hbbtest.v3.tvp.pl/hub/js/app_switch_tvp_1.js
03.02.22 12:25:31.967 Hbbtv.LoadResource   https://hbb-prod.tvp.pl/apps/manager/teaser/?name_channel=TVP1_HD


I tried to made redirect in hbbtv.xml to https://hbb-prod.tvp.pl/apps/manager/hub/website/35906822/?websiteType=&name_channel=TVP1_HD, but doesn't work. Maybe I do it wrong :/.

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Well there are multiple issues which cause a problem.

The first and biggest one is they mess up with https and http connection in the whole broadcast. Our chromium browser refuses loading the data because of a ssl related problem. 

It opens the page if you load http://hbb-prod.tvp.pl/apps/manager/teaser/?name_channel=TVP1_HD instead, but it throws javascript exceptions about not able to instantiate an arrow function from time to time and the text is not positioned properly. 


And after you fixed these odds you get a Refused to set unsafe header "user-agent" 



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