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Shutdown method


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I have noticed something about, when DVBViewer is set to shutdown after recording.


My PC does a different boot procedure, when the DVBViewer is the program that shuts downs the PC. My PC takes 30 sec to boot and is without fastboot after DVBViewer has initiated the shutdown.


When i close DVBViewer manually after daily recording, my PC boots in 5 sec.


Can you change DVBViewer to shutdown like windows shutdown after clicking power off and starting up with fastboot enabled.




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vor 14 Stunden schrieb Agini:

Can you change DVBViewer to shutdown like windows shutdown after clicking power off and starting up with fastboot enabled.


It can be done with the EWX_HYBRID_SHUTDOWN flag when DVBViewer uses the ExitWindowsEx function for shutting th PC down. However, I think it is no good idea to generally use this flag, because some people have disabled fastboot purposely. For example, I have an old DVB device that doesn't work anymore after starting Windows 10 with fastboot.


So DVBViewer should first determine if fastboot is enabled in the OS. The only possibility that I have found up to now is to check the HiberbootEnabled value in the registry key


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power


In my Windows 8.1 system the value indicated "enabled", though hibernate was disabled, so that fastboot wasn't available. I don't know what the EWX_HYBRID_SHUTDOWN flag does in this case. I guess nothing... but it has to be checked.


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It's more complicated than I thought because the shutdown function used by DVBViewer has lately been changed to InitiateSystemShutdown, that does not provide a hybrid shutdown flag. The change was necessary because ExitWindowsEx does not work behind a lock screen.


Another possibility is the InitiateShutdown function, that seems to work behind a lock screen and provides a hybrid shutdown flag. However, it is not available under Windows XP, which is still supported by DVBViewer, so the code must be different for XP and later Windows versions.


So there is quite a lot to do for this feature, particularly testing everything shutdown-related all over again. Maybe you can help, if I provide a test version...


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