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Hi all,


I am now setting up a vm (windows 10), i sussessed to install dms, and it can get epg data. But it cannot start streamming nor recording. The vm didnt have a gpu, is the gpu needed for streamming or recording? I need to passthrough a gpu? Tks!!



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I can see no errors in your svcdebug.log, except



TDVBWebserver        GetTemplate      File not found: C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\SvcWeb\null\


which means, files that are necessary for delivering the web interface cannot be loaded. Any explanation for it from your side?


Nevertheless the recorder creates 0 byte recordings. Possible reasons are

  • The received data is encrypted.
  • The channel can't be received. The Status page of the web interface would report 0% signal strength in this case.
  • There is no data coming in from your RTSP (Sat>IP) server. Obviously the server is present and responds to the Media Server's attempt to establish a TCP connection for tuning. Otherwise there would be error messages in the log. However, TV data is sent via an extra (UDP) channel to the Media Server, that may be blocked for some reason. The Status page of the web interface would most likely also report 0% signal strength in this case, because the server sends it via another UDP channel to a neighbouring port.


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