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DVBViewer cannot work with PCTV 292e


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Sorry in advance, but I experienced an issue right now though could detect this earlier.

DVBViewer cannot show video normally (freezing etc.) with PCTV 292e (driver version 5.2020.406.3825, Hauppauge) under Windows 10/11.

In the same time I see excellent video using Preview in TransEdit. What a reason can be and how to fix it?

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Corrected DVBViwer -> DVBViewer
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You should post a support.zip, but be sure to follow the insctuctions to start DVBViewer from start menu entry with "Debug Mode" before.


If forum software says you have not enough space to append the support.zip you can remove older, no longer needed attachments by clicking your user name top right and manage files/attachments from the menu that appears.

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb vramor:

In the same time I see excellent video using Preview in TransEdit.


Try to use the same video decoder and renderer (usually the EVR Enhanced Video Renderer, not Custom) in DVBViewer - see Options -> Playback Components. Does it work?


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It seems to me I found out the reason  It is 292e's fault. This tuner turned out need to be initialized to start work. Both with DVBViewer, and TransEdit. The TransEdit>Analyze>Preview shows the normal video just after I run CrazyScan2. The same with DVBViewer. Unfortunately I noticed this too late. Switching to EVR Enhanced doesn't touch at all.

Nevertheless I send my config. Sorry for my faulse alarm.


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