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Plugin not working anymore with version

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I have been using the plugin for many years now, as it is required to watch my provider encrypted iptv (using my own subscriber CI card, I'm not talking piracy here in any way).

Altough this is an unofficial plugin, it has always worked with all releases of DVBViewer Pro, except with the latest release


As far as I can see, the plugin is invoked correctly, it is shown in the plugin menu, and it seems it is doing its job correctly, but DVBViewer acts as if there was not decryption plugin installed, the screen remains black and the stream is marked with an * to show that it is encrypted.


This issue is really annoying for me because without this plugin, DVBViewer is useless to me as all channels are encrypted.


Can you help please ?



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Please note that §13 of the forum rules prohibits any discussion or information about plugins for software descrambling, because they are illegal in Germany!


Neverthelesss I can confirm that there is a bug in the DVBViewer 7.2.2 plugin interface. It reports a wrong version number. It will be fixed as soon as possible. The DVBViewer Media Server is not affected.


In case of urgent need for a fix you can revert to the previous DVBViewer version by using the installer backup in the setup sub-directory of the DVBViewer program directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\setup), provided it hasn't been deleted when uninstalling DVBViewer.


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