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Media Server SAT-IP stops working after 24+ hours of use


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Hi, I've been using Media Server for SAT-IP for years, but after testing it with different cards (TBS 6903x and Digital Devices Cine S2 v6.5) with both cards the SAT-IP stops working after 24+ hours, sometimes fails to work after 30 hours, some times after 24 hours, and so on, the point is that after more than 24 hours SAT-IP stops working, so I have to stop and start again the Service and then SAT-IP works again.




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Your svcdebug.log reveals two things:

  • After some time the Media Server (DMS) seems to get into an unhealthy state, resuting in countless error messages "TRTSPWebserver Client exception ESocketException: Socket operation on non-socket (#10038 in ioctlSocket)". Unfortunately the log doesn't show why this happens.
  • You are using the RTSP server for HTTP output, whichs means, you have probably downloaded an RTSP channel list from the DMS, but replaced rtsp:// by http:// throughout. This is an unusual way of using the RTSP server and not so well tested.

So if your clients need a HTTP connection, why don't you use the Live Streaming Server part of the DMS by downloading a HTTP channel list from the DMS? See Links page in the web interface -> HTTP Channel List (Original Streams). This is a more direct approach.


Which clients are you using?


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Hi, I'm using TSReader, which only supports HTTP for SAT-IP.


The reason why is because I use Media Server as SAT-IP server so I use TSReader to tune my DVB Card with Media Server, in other words it sends the tuning commands (Freq, Polarization, Diseqc port).


As workaround I have to restart Media Server twice a day but that's annoying.

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I've spent some time with investigating the issue. Here is a summary of the results:


For unknown reasons a socket handle, that is important for referencing a network connection, becomes invalid. This triggers a WSAENOTSOCK error in Windows. The (third party) network library used by the DMS (which facilitates using WinSock2) tries to handle the error by closing the connection, but ends up in an infinite loop, that triggers the error again and again, several times per millisecond, which makes the DMS unresponsive.


Unfortunately the logs (svcdebug.log and the previous svcdebug.bak) don't show what happens before the error occurs for the first time. They start at a moment when the infinite loop is already going on. It fills the log rapidly up to its maximum size of 4 MB with error messages. So I have no idea why this happens. There are a lot of possible reasons, also outside the DMS. Furthermore I don't know enough about your usage scenario for trying to reproduce the issue. Maybe it is a good idea to remove the plugin that you are using and to check if the problem still occurs.


Anyway, I managed to trigger the WSAENOTSOCK error artificially, so I could trace the resulting process under debugger control. Something that I can try is to avoid the infinite loop and to shut down the process cleanly if the error occurs, so that the DMS doesn't get stuck. However, I don't know if it will save you the DMS restart. If the unknown reason for the error is still present, it may get triggered again on each network connection attempt.


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To replicate the issue, use TSReader with Media Server as your DVB Card (this will be your DVB-S2 card), select SAT IP as BDA Source then configure your satellite frequency, symbol rate, polarization, etc. 


Try the free version of tsreader, is limited in features but as far as I know will be enough for testing and replicating the issue





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vor 14 Stunden schrieb enb141:

Try the free version of tsreader


It didn't reveal anything of interest under debugger control, and I don't want to perform 24+ hours tests. TSReader established a normal HTTP connection without any peculiarities and disconnected again. How do you access the DMS with TSReader? The same transponder continuously for hours, or numerous short sessions with changing parameters?


I have provided a DMS test version for you as attachment of a personal forum message. It contains additional logging and should avoid the infinite error loop, so if the issue occurs again, the svcdebug.log will (hopefully) be more informative. Please try...


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I'm gonna try out that version and let you know.


I'm using it to tune a frequency, diseqc port for a few minutes, then change frequency/diseqc port, I"m using all diseqc ports (4) and about 14 different frequencies, 2 diseqc ports only tune one unique frequency, the other 2 diseqc ports tune 4 and 8 different frequencies.



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Has been a few days, and I haven't had an issue with your new version (weird), maybe the change I did (I changed from staying tuned for about 5 - 8 minutes and now I tune a specific frequency for 3 - 5 minutes) fixed the issue.


My guess is that some of those frequencies that I tried to tune were unable to tune in most occasions (rain, too much sun, contamination, etc), now that I reduced the tuning time for those hard to get frequencies, I haven't a single issue, the server has been running since sunday and until now, no issues at at, I hadn't to stop and start the service since then.


So as I said before, I'm not sure if the changed I did or your new version fixed the issue.


I'll keep an eye on it if it fails again, I'll post it here.



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vor 12 Stunden schrieb enb141:

maybe the change I did (I changed from staying tuned for about 5 - 8 minutes and now I tune a specific frequency for 3 - 5 minutes) fixed the issue.


Possible, but rather unlikely.


vor 12 Stunden schrieb enb141:

or your new version fixed the issue.


The change at least mitigates the impact of whatever sometimes goes wrong. It is also fixed in a later version of the network library (later than the one used by the DMS), as I can see in its source code, so I think it's necessary anyway.


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