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7.2.2 update not working


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I have just run the 7.2.2 update but now when I run the software afterwards, it's still the old 7.2.1 version running.


Never had this problem before, usually it's the new version - any advice? Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance for your time.

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5 hours ago, ast1nmart1ndb9@aol.com said:

I have just run the 7.2.2 update but now when I run the software afterwards, it's still the old 7.2.1 version running.


Please check the version number carefully. The 7.2.2 installer installs DVBViewer It includes a hotfix that was added a short time after the original DVBViewer release (see here).


Please also check if you have installed DVBViewer 7.2.2 to a different directory than the previous 7.2.1.


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37 minutes ago, Ju Wi said:

How on earth can I change those settings I never applied back if DVB keeps crashing?


Drag and drop some MP3 (or other audio) file with the mouse on the DVBViewer icon. This will launch DVBViewer and let it play the file without using a video renderer, thus giving you an opportunity to change the setting.


Another possibility is to launch DVBViewer without playback by using the -c commandline parameter.


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Am 28.9.2022 um 14:55 schrieb Ju Wi:

Hi, installed the dvb 7.2.2, works great so I paid to activate the it and got the keyfile


Seems you tested the demo before. You cannot turn the demo to full version by activating. Download the full version "DVBViewer Pro" from member area (login there with credentials from email with keyfile you got after buying, NOT the login from this forum), uninstall the demo, install the full version and you will see the keytool that asks for name, password and keyfile.


If there are newer versions in future download them again from member area for free and install them simply over the existing one, from full to full no need to uninstall before.

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Thanks to both of you.
I solved the issue already, I did something similar to keep DVBViewer running until I can change the settings.
I still think its a bug. I didnt click apply the setting it just crashed.


Yes I figured that I need to reinstall it, I mean the none demo 😞

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