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TSPlayer , HEVC reading problem with Cyberlink Video filter PDVD18


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I have Cyberlink PowerDVD 18 installed on my machine because this one is the most efficient for HEVC full resolution with DVBViewer and my Intel i8 GPU.  Have'nt tested more recent.

So i have forced the video codec for HEVC in both DVBViewer and TSPlayer, same settings.

The problem: HEVC recorded TS from DVBViewer will not play Video in TSPlayer (only sound render's), LAV codec will render Video ... No errors in recorded stream.

To reproduce : Record a simple from 10993 Astra 19 and UHD demo channel.

TSPlayer is latest 2.52.

An idea to solve this ?



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No problem here with a recording from the Astra UHD1 channel, an old Cyberlink decoder version and EVR Enhanced Video Renderer. I don't remember the PowerDVD version anymore. The CLCvd.ax file version (displayed by the Radlight Filter Manager) is 2.0.1660.310.


However, I can reproduce the issue with the EVR Custom Renderer, which is not so important for the TSPlayer as it is for DVBViewer Pro. It is not identical and was only implemented for experimental purpose. So in TSPlayer I would rather select the EVR Enhanced Video Renderer.


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I've found the problem. In Cyberlink settings via ctrl + right click, i had In Misc SW instead DXVA. SW gives black screen and DXVA renders Hevc. Corrected and works. Thanks for all.

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