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DVB-S2X Transedit


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Search for ETSI EN 300 468. It's a free PDF. The latest version is V1.16.1. See 6.1: descripor identification and location, 6.2: descriptor coding, 6.3: extended descriptor identification and location (those with descriptor tag = 0x7F), 6.4: extended descriptor coding.


0x7F / 0x17 is the S2X_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor. I have added it to the Analyzer, so all its data fields get displayed,  but I can't remember when. Are you using the latest TransEdit 4.3.0 release?


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20 hours ago, EnoSat said:

PS: it is good ?

79 - MIS Flag = 1
7F - MIS Flag = 0


There are some differences:

  • RollOff = 4 - a = 0.15 in the S2X Satellite Delivery System Descriptor, RollOff = 0 - a = 0.35 in the Satellite Delivery System Descriptor (0.15 can't be coded in this descriptor)
  • FECInner = 0 - Not defined in the Satellite Delivery System Descriptor (should be FECInner = 1 - 1/2)
  • MultipleInputStreamFlag = 1 in the S2 Satellite Delivery System Descriptor, MultipleInputStreamFlag = 0 in the S2X Satellite Delivery System Descriptor. The value 0 matches the decriptor length = 14 bytes. With MultipleInputStreamFlag = 1 the descriptor would be 1 byte longer, due to an additional input_stream_identifier byte (see specifications).
  • Symbolrate = 31429 in the Satellite Delivery System Descriptor, Symbolrate = 314290 in the S2X Satellite Delivery System Descriptor. It looks like the symbolrate in the S2X descriptor is shifted 4 bits (one digit), which means, it does not start at the position given by the specifications.

I've checked the Analyzer code for these descriptors and compared it with the specifications, but I can't find a bug. So I guess the descriptors on this frequency are coded wrongly.


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