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Network "HD Homerun DVB-C" tuners not detected in new clean WIN11 installation


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  • Tuner: HD Homerun EXPAND Model: HDHR3-4DC (4 x DVB-C tuners)
  • Upgrade PC to new HW and WIN11 ver. 22H2
  • Installed DVBViewer
    • Issue: The setup wizard did not detect any hardware.


Starting DVBViewer in normal mode and

  • Tested that older recordings can still be played - OK.
  • Retry: Settings->Hardware->Detect - ERROR nothing detected


Note that the "HD Homerun Viewer" and "VLC" both can open and tune the HD Homerun DVB-C tuner.

The same tuner was used earlier with DVBViewer/Media Server.


Followed the instructions here to collect the information requested  https://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/2210-how-to-post-bugs-or-problems-correctly/
The support.zip is attached


Additionally you should indicate the following:
Exact name of the TV-card and used driver version

  • HD Homerun EXPAND Model: HDHR3-4DC, Firmware: 20220822
  • WIN11 Driver ??? - but works with other applications

Graphics card and used driver version

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti - this card is not upgraded and worked with my earlier  DVBViewer/Media Server installation


The HD Homerun is a networked tuner, but this worked earlier. I also see the BDA driver mentioned but I have nothing in device manager "Sound, video and game controllers".


Thanks for your always prompt support
Poul Nielsen



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Thanks, that nailed it.



Apparently DVBViewer depends on the BDA driver to detect networked HD Homerun tuners.



HD Homerun Viewer can be downloaded via the Microsoft Store in WIN11. The viewer works right away and detect the HD Homerun tuner on the network.
Note that this is not enough for DVBViewer.




HD Homerun setup


  1. Download and install the "HDHomeRun Software for Windows – includes firmware upgrade" from the SiliconDust software download page https://www.silicondust.com/support/downloads/

    Make sure that the frequency and QAM is correct when going through the setup wizard.
  2. The wizards end by detecting available channels. Take some time.



DVBViewer setup and channel scanning

  1. Start DVBViewer, Settings->Hardware
  2. Detect
    Beware if using Cable: DVBViewer assumes that HD Homerun always are Terrestical tuners, you must change the tuner type to Cable (1) to get the tuning working (in Settings->Hardware)
  3. Scan for channels. Takes some time



One unclear issue: Is DVBViewer using the channel list detected by the HD Homerun Wizard and made available on the WIN PC, or does it use the channel scan directly on the networked HD Homerun tuner?




Once again - thanks for the support.





(1) thanks for fixing this for me earlier


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One more comment.


If HD Homerun is installed first AND the tuners are for Cable


Installing DVBViewer will detect the 4 HD Homerun tuners, but it will guess that they are Terrestical (not Cable)


When DVBViewer starts

1. it will open the scan dialog, but this will not work since there are no Terresticval tuner

2. close the dialog

3. open Settings->Hardware

4. scan

5. Change the type of each of the 4 tuner to Cable

6. go to Channel Search


Now scanning should work

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