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please help with SKYSTAR 2 eXpress HD

Yasser Ibrahim

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I bought new pc  (hp 800 g3) with processor i7-7700 and 16 G ram

and i installed my SKYSTAR 2 eXpress HD card whitch works perfectly on my old pc till now

but something strange happened and i can't find any solution!!!!

the card not detected in any windows i installed ( win 11 , win 10 , win 7 )

and i tried and tried to get the card detected and i failed

i tested the pci express slots and its working fine with other lan or modem cards or etc,

please help me 

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How to install Windows11 (10) cards correctly?
If Windows11 (10) does not recognize the card, then I start the installation CD as Administrator and install the driver.Then I open Computer Management-Device Manager I find skystar-2-express-hd and then I right-click and in the drop-down menu Select Update driver in the next step I show the path to dvd-rom where it is located installation CD with driver from the card- Windows11 (10) will copy the data that is required.

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as far as I can tell, Technisat has closed its computer division. There should therefore be problems with drivers for Windows 10 and 11.
The best thing to do is to search the forum or Google for drivers for the W10 or W11 or for detours on which the device can be installed.
Many greetings
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