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TT-Budget C1501 PCI card doesn't work with PCIe riser card


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Cheers to all,

I encounter some weird problem which i never seen in my whole life.Let's sart with begin:

I have an motherboard Asus Strix x299 E-Gaming,and this motherboard doesn't have PCI slot anymore,so i buyed an PCI express RISER card to use an old tv tuner.My tv tuner is called: TT-Budget C1501 DVB-C tuner.

The problem is, i installed carrefuly that riser in pci-e slot,i connected auxiliar molex power,and in Device Manager it say: This device is working properly,and tv tuner is installed perfectly without error and problems.But when i scan  for cable post, cannot find any channel,PAT is on RED.0 channel found and i don;t understand why and what happen.I verify tv cable on another TV, and signal is ok,the cable doesn't have problem

It is possible this riser card doesn't like my tv tuner or have HIDDEN PROBLEM?Is very weird because in Device Manager telling me: This device is working properly !!

My tv tuner technotrend is working properly too,because i tested on another PC with PC slot, and is working without problem

I never seen such weird problem in my entire life.Someone can help me with a hint? I am in a total FOG ☹️

I teste full version of DVB and demo version free of DVB and teh result is the same...


I will never understand why new motherboard doesn't have at least one PCI slot,i hate so much this thing 😐

I don't want to change actual tv tuner with another new product on pci-e,because this tuner c1501 is awesome and is making excellent HD captures,is a german tv tuner,and germans are very good at tv tuners......


Riser card is new  and have 2 years warranty.What do u advise me? To return this riser card back?I don t know what to do...and I don't know how to prove that the riser has problems, since the device manager sees it without problems.Even if i return to warranty they will come back,they will return it to me, without changing it......

I have only bad luck :(

i hope i posted on a corect section,if not, i beg an moderrator to move on right section







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  • Griga changed the title to TT-Budget C1501 PCI card doesn't work with PCIe riser card

I've not only moved your topic, but also changed the title so that people who have experience with this kind of problem immediately can see what it's about. Always try to use a specific title, that attracts other users who know something about the topic.


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