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Video Editor and Automatic "#Comskip"


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I just bought this module (Video Editor), because I could never find any info/manual if you could do an automatic "comskip".

I am using DVBViewer as a backend (Win11) to Kodi and recording TV shows / programs.


Can this Comskip Video Editor run automatically in the background and when there is a new recording that shows up in the folder(s) specified, it will run comskip automatically on all new recordings?

So that I would never need to watch any commercials in the future automatically.. 😉


If this works, pls describe what I need to do.






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One solution is to build a command .bat file that runs comskip.  Then you can have the stoprec.vbs script that DVBViewer run automatically run that .bat file.

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17 hours ago, JonasHansen said:



Do you know what I should into the script?

Not used to do these things. 😉



Everyone's set up is different, but I'll try to help.  CAUTION:  Before modifying files, please make sure you have them copied/backed up.


I have attached a zip file here with two files in it that you will need.


First, you want to find your DVBViewer scripts folder.  Typically its found in C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer but you may have placed it in a different directory.  In this scripts folder should be a file called stoprec.vbs.  Replace this with the file of the same name Ive attached here.  I added two lines near the end of the script that will call a .bat file.  If you have already modified stoprec.vbs in the past, then you will need to manually modify the file with the two lines Ive added to it.


Next, build a folder called C:\DVBViewerMods. In this folder copy the other file Ive attached called DVBViewerStopRec.bat


Finally, put a copy of comskip.exe and comskip.ini in the C:\DVBViewerMods folder.


That's it.  What this will do is automatically run comskip when the recording is finished.  The edl file it creates will be in the same folder as your recording.  For example, if your recording filename is DRAGNET_0531.TS the comskip file will be called DRAGNET_0531.EDL


The comskip program I use is called comskip.exe -- not sure if what you are using is called that.  If it's something different, you'll have to modify the .bat file.


Hope this helps and good luck.

comskip mods.zip

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