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ChannelsURL.ini IDs format

Antonio Bethencourt

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Please, sorry my poor English.


I am not be able to pair ChannelsURL.ini ID (loaded from M3U list) with Channel ID provided in "getchannelsxml". Can anybody say me why is not the same and if is possible convert or get the correlation?


My idea is automate M3U reload only for favorite channels without delete it, but I have no relation betwwen this IDs.


getchannelsxml -> <channel nr="-88" name="ES: LA 1 FHD" EPGID="2207579733209532" flags="24" ID="4135489524782444988"/>


ChannelsURL.ini-> 6625313781734945212=http://url:80/play/us/pw/22222.ts



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19 hours ago, Antonio Bethencourt said:

I am not be able to pair ChannelsURL.ini ID (loaded from M3U list) with Channel ID provided in "getchannelsxml".


Use the Windows calculator in programmer mode to compare the hexadecimal representation of the EPGID from getchannelsxml with the URLID from ChannelsURL.ini:


EPGID=2207579733209532 -> 0007 D7C8 35CF B1BC

URLID=6625313781734945212 -> 5BF1 D7C8 35CF B1BC


It reveals that the lower 48 bits (or the values masked with 0xFFFFFFFFFFF) are equal. This should be sufficient for pairing:


if EPGID and 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF = URLID and 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF then... //same channel


Please ask, if you need help to perform the comparison. If I find time for it, I will post more details tomorrow.


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Some more information about the IDs:


The lower 57 bits of the URLID from the ChannelsURL.ini are derived from the MD5 hash of the URL. It is used for referencing the URL with a 64 bit integer value. The upper 7 bits are reserved for internal usage. Currently they are always set to 0b0000010 (decimal 2).


The lower 48 bits of the EPGID from the Media Server getchannelsxml API are identical with the URLID (only applies to the TS Stream reception type). In the DVB sphere the lower 48 bits of EPG Channel ID are usually composed of the three 16 bit values Service ID, Transport Stream ID and Network ID. However, this doesn't work for TS Stream. Many IPTV providers are using the same default values for these IDs, so that they are not suitable for distinguishing channels. That's why DVBViewer and the Media Server are also using 48 bits from the URL MD5 hash as EPG ID. The upper 16 bits of the EPG ID are always used for coding the reception type and internally the source of EPG data.


I think the pairing that you try to achieve would be unnecessary if the Media Server getchannelsxml API would provide the URL directly. Maybe it can be added in the next release...


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