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Decoders and renderers


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Does DVBViewer Media Server use the same decoders and renderer as selected in DVBViewer? Feels like the picture quality is a bit worse in the recordings that are recorded through the Media Server.

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The DMS does not use decoders or renderers itself. It just provides streams to be displayed by DVBViewer, a Browser or other Clients (Kodi, VLC, DLNA, ...).


If you watch a DMS recording with DVBViewer the quality is always 100% identical to watching it live. The data stream from DVB is always stored as it comes in by DMS, video quality is not changed. You see that recording does require very little cpu usage as there is only receiving, filtering unneeded stream parts and storing to disk.


Only at playback, if you view recordings or live TV in a browser from DMS website there is a transcoding by ffmeg. This reduces bandwidth and quality. But there are settings for it. When you click a recording, media or EPG entry there is a yellow gear icon in bottom of the popup window where you can adjust settings for bandwidth and quality. Other than recording this transcoding can need a noticeable cpu power or hardware acceleration within DMS.


So it depends on "how" you watch recordings, if you get the original 100% quality as recoded or a lesser quality transcoded stream. You have to describe in detail how you access the recordings where you think the quality is worse exactly.


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