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recording service max user limit


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Can you give more guidance? I tried DVBViewer Media Server Basic, it is only possible to display one network.
Where should I download and buy the latest version?

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vor 53 Minuten schrieb dada_shi:

I tried DVBViewer Media Server Basic, it is only possible to display one network.


By design: https://www.dvbviewer.tv/forum/topic/59145-dvbviewer-media-server-announcement/?do=findComment&comment=482329


vor 54 Minuten schrieb dada_shi:

Where should I download and buy the latest version?


Click Help -> Order/Unlock Add-Ons in DVBViewer or go to this page:  https://www.dvbviewer.com/en/index.php?page=dms


After buying the Media Server you will see a new section in the download area named "Paid Additions". There you can download the Media Server full version.


Please note that the Media Server should not be used in combination with old DVBViewer versions.


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Yes, of course, if you have enough tuners. Up to 20 clients at the same time are possible.


vor 19 Stunden schrieb Griga:

Increased maximum number of simultaneous live streaming clients (now 10 for the Live Streaming Server and Sat>IP Server each).


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Two days ago, I deposited into my PayPal account and emailed the image to support. But there was no response. Do they have a WhatsApp number for support?

my mail address:hossseini@microwavesoft.com

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9 hours ago, dada_shi said:

emailed the image to support


Support is provided in the forum. Matters concerning DVBViewer/Media Server purchase should be sent to the mail address given under the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum.


Anyway, I have forwarded your problem to that address. Personally I can't check what is going on, because I can't access the customers data base.


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Are you sure that you used Paypal? The payment process is quite automated here and you should receive credentials straight after your order. Besides that I thought Paypal does not allow payment from Iran. If you nevertheless think your payment has been done successfully just drop me a mail - hackbart-at-dvbviewer-dot-com or bhackbart-at-cmuv-dot-de



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