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DVBClients (Win&Android) not connect DMS


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support(Server).zipsupport (client).zip

Hi I have searched the forum for solution, if there is one pls point to the topic.

Here is my issue My various clients DVBViewer on Win10, Android and Kodi fails to connect with DMS on the server machine, I must say every works fine until I have to rebuild the XEPG and DMS due to EPG not upload, now that I have resolved the EPG, the clients fails to connect on the LAN.

I have turned off firewall on the server pc yet the issue persisted.

I am using M3U as my source file hence no hardware, as I have said the DVBViewer client on the server machine works fine as it connect to the DMS.


Here is the log from both server and client PC

Any suggestion will be appreciation.


LAN Client  it failed connect to DMS






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Both the server and the client PC are configured for a public network. This is far too restrictive for a home network and should be changed. Please read more about it here or here, or search the web for change public network to private.


On the client PC the firewall rules that are usually set up by the DVBViewer installer are missing, which suggests that DVBViewer has not been installed in a regular way.  You can make up for it by right-clicking the file DVBViewer_Firewall_Rules.bat in the DVBViewer program directory and executing it with admin rights.


Did you set up a password for LAN/WLAN access in the DMS options -> Web Settings? This post suggests that you did. If yes, you have to enter the same user name and password in DVBViewer -> Options -> DVBViewer Media Server, of course.


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I almost gave up on this issue, thought I should report my experience, very frustrating after reading through several literature's, long story short it is firewall settings, I had to allowed DVBViewer to pass through all firewall rules.

I hope it helps someone who may have similar issues.

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