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New PC!!

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I've ordered a new PC (finally!) and I am considering my options.

My existing PC has three pcie cards - Hauppauge satellite tuner, Blackgold terrestrial tuner and a Hauppauge Coiossus 2 video capture card.

These will be transfered to the new PC. I'm running the latest version of DVBViewer,

It took a considerable, and much appreciated, effort by DVB support to get the video capture card working, so I'm thinking I maybe should avoid a clean install. Besides, there is a lot of other things to do to get the new PC fully up and running.

I will physically install the cards and load the drivers to get them clean in Windows.

Are there files that I can transfer from my existing PC covering hardware, channel tuning and favourites that can get me up and running seamlessly, or at the very least I should retain to crosscheck the new installation?

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Yes. First, a hardware search must be carried out on the new computer using the DVBViewer. The previous settings can be adopted if the directories on the new computer have the same names.


Personally, I would rename the newly created configuration directory to be on the safe side, e.g. with the addition _new, i.e. DVBViewer_new. Then I would copy the configuration directory of the old computer into the directory where the new one is. If you select Help -> Configuration Folder in the DVBViewer menu, you will see the configuration directory. It is usually \ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer.


The hardware.bak and hardware.xml files would be replaced with the files from the new configuration directory.


If there are problems you can use the "old" configuration directory in DVBViewer_old. and rename the new one back to DVBViewer.


The DVBViewer must be closed for everything.



Best regards and good luck trying it out




P.S. It is also a good idea to copy the configuration directory every now and then so that you can revert to a working configuration if problems arise.


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I’m pleased to say that my new PC is just about up and running and I can now start performance comparisons to try to reassure myself that it was a good idea.

I decided to go for a clean install rather than tweaking. New PC, new OS, it seemed safer. I think that the problems in installing DVBViewer were mostly created by me but the satellite, terrestrial cards and the vide capture seem to be working ok apart from a some option adjusting that I may need to do. I had to redo things a couple of times but all seems well now. Fortunately I was able to find the necessary passcodes and files in my email archives.

But thanks for giving me some pointers had I decided to go the other way.

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I have come across a problem with my Colossus 2 capture card. I can capture files but the reported time length is way too short, it can be 3 minutes rather than 60 minutes. The time codes in the file are being reset during the capture. This didn’t happen in the previous installation.

i can sort this out by remuxing the file using MkvToolNix or by using Quick Stream Fix within my VideoRedo editing software but this is less than ideal as it can mask genuine errors in the file.

I’ve compared the hardware settings in the Configuration folder with an old copy and the setup looks ok. However, I think that there are other hardware settings that could need adjusting (the Hauppauge interface with DVBViewer isn’t good) but where are they stored?

In the course of this upgrade I have upgraded to Windows 11, installed a newer version of DVBViewer as well as changing the hardware.

I suspect that the number of people using a Colossus 2, Windows 11, DVBViewer and present on this forum could be counted on the fingers of one mutilated hand but any pointers would be welcome.


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