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Allow multiple transcoding on same transponder

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I was testing today to see if I could hardware transcode with ffmpegprefs.ini and beautifully it works. I also tried to test another stream using a different channel on the same transponder at the same time, however it looks like as soon as the new stream is accessed, the previous stream is stopped. I know my hardware setup is capable of handling multiple transcoding. Is there a way this behaviour can be overridden so the existing stream isn't closed until that connection has been closed by the client application? I know this is probably not preferable default behaviour, but it would be nice if it was an option.


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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Suburban Legend:

it looks like as soon as the new stream is accessed, the previous stream is stopped.


It happens under the following conditions:

  • Both trancoded streams are received by the same client (same IP address and user agent string)
  • Both transcoded streams have the same StreamID or both no StreamID.

In this case the DMS assumes channel switching in the client. It can be avoided by appending different (unique) StreamIDs to the URL query part that contains the stream parameters, e.g. ...&streamid=stream1 and ...&streamid=stream2. Please read more about stream parameters in


C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\docs\transcoding_params_en.txt


Regarding browsers as clients, there is an inconsistency in the Web Interface. I've just discovered it when I tried to play two transcoded streams originating from the same transponder in two Web Interface instances, each one in a separate tab or window:


Streams started in the Stream Setup dialogue (gear wheel icon) -> Play in Browser get no StreamID, so the second stops the first one. However, streams started directly (click on play icon, channel logo etc.) get a StreamID, which is different in each tab. Hence both channels can be played at the same time.


I can't remember if it was originally intended in this way. Maybe it's just a bug that should be fixed...


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Hahaha, sorry in typical fashion I've just found transcoding_param_en.txt just before I saw your reply. It was there all along, however you already answered the next question I was going to ask. 

Thank you so much by adding &streamid=1 to the first stream and &streamid=2 to the second one, i can play see both at once now.

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