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i decided to publish the channel editor for "free". Which means that the Technisat users are also able to download this tool. Anyhow the only difference between the pro user version is that you have an advertisment on top of the window which presents the advantages of the DVBViewer Pro.



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Had a look at it - nice idea to make it "free" in this way. :blush:


However, when dragging & dropping channels in the destination area, it should not be allowed to move audio channels to the video category and vice versa, since it will cause some confusion when the result is loaded by DVBViewer. The channels will be jumbled it in an unexpected way. :)

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Since some users wish to adjust their channel list I think it is a good idea to make the functionality available to them.

I think it is also a good idea to advertise or promote this way for the advantages of the DVBViewer Pro.

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