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Guest Lars_MQ

As always found in the membersarea.

OSD Sleeptimer Plugin 1.0 for DVBViewer 3.2.2+



extract the contens of the zip file with folders into the DVBViewer folder.



The osd-sleeptimer can be found in the OSD-Mainmenu.

Start : Starts the sleeptimer with the selected time and endaction. Once startet the time and endaction can not be changed.

Stop : Stops the sleeptimer

Back : Goes to the previos OSD-Page

Timesettings : you can use the up-down arrows to change the value or you can simple use the Channel 0 - Channel 9 control buttons to enter the countdown time in minutes (max 120 minutes).

Endaction : here you can select the action to be perfomed when the alarmtimer fires.


have fun


Deutsche Version

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Guest Lars_MQ

I've uploaded a little update for the sleeptimer Plugin.


Now a Button called "Use EPG-Time" puts the remaining time of the current running program (if there is epg) + 1 minute into the "time to run", so you don't have to calculate how long the program will run :wacko:


One thing: the Plugin puts the countdown when running into the Datatag #SleepTimer.Current and updates it every second, so you can use it elsewhere in the skin.


have fun.



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An update for the Sleeptimer can be found in the membersarea.

Changes in 1.1.0


- Fixed not saving of lastused values.

- Reworked the skin file.

- Added support for colorbuttons.

- Added basic translations capabilities.

- Changed the max. minutes to 360.

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OSD Sleeptimer don't work if I use Default Widescreen Skin (NewDefWide skin Version 1.3)..


How I can to OSD Sleptimer show when use Osd Default widescreen skin, any idea?

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Problem resolved. I copy mysleeptimer.xml to NewDefWide osd skin folder..

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Hello , can someone help mi with a minor problem, please?


I use DVBViewer BETA , installed Concinnity OSD skin and sleeptimer.dll to plugin ( folder ).

Functionality is ok but when I open Main Menu I can not see image of sleeptimer ( even home_sleeptimer.png is in image folder )


Also , I can not set/unset sleeptimer in OSD Menu ( Options )


what should I do? ( configure? change? )


Thanks in advanced.



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