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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, we use recording service 1.30.1 on two machines (TV1 and TV2) At first (TV1) we have some schedule on more stations: We have setup option to spilt files after 300MB. At second (TV2) we record 24/7 tv station CT24: Recording is scheduled from 0:00 to 23:59 and we have setup to split recording after 300MB, so file output is like: 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24.mpg 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_001.mpg 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_002.mpg ... 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_106.mpg ____________________________________ Everything works fine except of no sound in random files from whole record on both machines. Example: 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24.mpg (sound OK) 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_002.mpg (no sound) 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_003.mpg (sound OK) 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_004.mpg (sound OK) 2015-02-25_00-00-01_CT 24_CT24_005.mpg (no sound) .... Size of files with no sound is similar to size records with sound. Output from support tool in attachment. Thanks for help Best regards DP supportTV1.zip supportTV2.zip
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