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Found 1 result

  1. My system stopped receiving HD channels last year. I was using DVBViewer 5.6.4 with the recording service 1.33.02 when the problem first appeared. Whenever I selected an HD channel, this would sometimes crash DVBViewer ("No Hardware available" pop-up or "Not Responding") Also the recording service would stop and the PC had to be rebooted. After several months of this (I was able to view SD channels OK), I decided to upgrade to DVBViewer 6.0.x and Media Server 2.0.x but the problem persists on all variants. Viewing any HD channel causes the problem. My Hardware is: Windows 8.1 Desktop PC Tuner: TBS QBOX-S2 USB (Running for 3+ years now) Sky Dish LNB 5 years old. Current Software versions: DVBViewer 6.0.4 DVBViewer Media Server 2.0.4 I have attached the DVBViewer.log for the following simple test: Reboot system. Clear DVBViewer.log. Run DVBViewer from desktop icon, then selected: BBC News (SD) - OK BBC One North West (SD) - OK BBC News HD - ERROR in DVBViewer Pro Error pop-up window: " Cannot render Media File/Output/Pin. Error 0x80004005 Unspecified error " OK button Press OK button BBC NEWS (SD) - OK Close DVBViewer Renamed DVBViewer.log as DVBViewer2017-11-13-Error.log - attached After the problem occurs, if I continue to view SD channels, eventually the Media server stops working ( I get the error No Hardware Available on DVBViewer) and the DMS's web interface is unreachable. Please note that I have linux ubuntu 16.04 (dual boot) on the same hardware running TVHeadend PVR and KODI. This also stopped running any HD channels around the same time. It does not display any error messages on screen, just tries to run the HD channel and goes back to the previous menu. Do you think this could be a Hardware problem with the tuner/LNB? I hope the attached log is of use. Richard DVBViewer2017-11-13-Error.log
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