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Found 5 results

  1. I thought I was crazy when after upgrade the 'record' button on toolbar changed colors from gray to red, but now I see there's another problem related to this (intended?) change. When channel is recording, a red record icon overlay is visible in taskbar. However, the menubar record icon is gray. I'm not sure what the point was of changing the button on menu (it got inverted after 6.0.4.x update), so it should either go back to original gray/red when idle/recording OR the recording indicator icon in taskbar should be changed accordingly. now its not consistent and confusing to the user.
  2. When modifying scheduled recordings and pressing alt-d (delete) to erase a recording, if cursor is positioned at the end of listview, instead of moving up one level after deletion, it jumps to 1st recording in the list. Example: A B C D <- now here Alt-D A <- now here B C Expected behavior: A B C <- now here
  3. Hi, I have heard 6.0.4 fixed the recordings window listview issue on deleting items. While I was in Options/Input dialog I noticed the same problem when deleting multiple keyboard hotkeys. How to reproduce: 1) Enable Learn mode 2) Press some unique keys to assign to a function, e.g. "Always on Top" 3) After the list contains several entries, go to last entry and press 'Delete' What happens: Cursor jumps to the top of the list What should happen: Cursor remains at the bottom of the list (last row) after deletion. EDIT: Actually, the problem is worse, after each deletion (even if cursor is in the middle of listview), it jumps back to the section header (In this case "Always on top") instead of remaining at the deleted position - 1
  4. DVBViewer has configurable keyboard (and presumably other input devices) hotkeys. This is not obvious to a new user that these are available, however. Normally, keyboard hotkeys are listed right-aligned in the menu, so when user opens it, they can choose to click or later press the key combination required: I'm not sure to which extent non-keyboard-non-mouse input is supported, but at least learned/set key combinations could be listed in the main/right click menus to help user learn the keys without going through options dialog. DVBViewer already uses this method to show "F1" hotkey for help menu. Why not add others?
  5. In the EPG window, user can press Ctrl+R to mark selected program for recording. If user keeps pressing Ctrl+R on already queued program, it will be added to timer recordings list over and over again. There are several ways to handle this: 1) Remove program from recordings on 2nd ctrl+r press (may be annoying if user modifies start/stop time and it's no longer associated with the program) 2) Silently ignore request to queue another recording if identical entry already exists (or maybe MessageBeep or something to let the user know they fucked up) 3) Same as (2) but popup a box saying "recording already exists" (this is probably the worst way to handle this) Thank you
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