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I've uploaded a package to the Service Center, that contains a new Videorecorder Plugin (2.5) and TSPlayer (1.0) release.


I start a new thread for it, since the old one got a bit lengthy... you may refer for it if you are interested in the history of this project. Furthermore, the new release contains an English and German ReadMe, that tells you everything you need to know, so you don't have to scrape up the How-To here in the forum anymore.


There are some new features... the most important one: The VRPlugin and the TSPlayer together provide unlimited timeshift with MPG and TS recordings. Just start recording, and click the Timeshift Button when you want to watch the stuff... in fact, there is no difference between normal recording and timeshift anymore.


If you like, you can even 'timeshift' multiple channels from one transponder at the same time by recording them as transport stream. That means, you can change the channels without missing a second, since - and that is really new - the other ones will wait in the meantime. It requires some GBs on your hard disk, of course... :(


Anyway... the next DVBViewer release will also contain new timeshift features, so that this topic will be covered exhaustively then.


So what else... the VRPlugin has a timer of its own now - the functions of the Sleeptimer Plugin have been integrated. You can switch over to manual mode, if the VRPlugin executes a recording, that has been scheduled for it in the DVBViewer. The VRPlugin even can take over all scheduled recordings from the DVBViewer, if you want. When recording as TS, the VRPlugin additionally creates a text file that logs the content (channels, PIDs...). The TSPlayer's user interface has been enhanced considerably - it's more comfortable now. And some more things... please read it in the ReadMe.


Well, believe me, it has been a whole lot of work altogether. Since solely writing the damned Readmes took a whole weekend, I was thinking of taking money for the software... but I won't. :(


Instead of that, I want everybody who uses the VRPlugin and the TSPlayer to donate an appropriate amount of money to a welfare group of his choice (or optionally to suffer from bad karma :) ). I want the creative energy, that has flown into this project, to spread out and benefit a lot of people - especially those who need help.


Many thanks to :angry:


- Crypto, Derrick, Klausing and Oliver for testing and good proposals.


- Christian Hackbart, who provided the basic code for video output and the handling of the DVBViewer Filter.


- Marfi, who found a solution for a nasty problem with the SkyStar2 hardware - without it TS recording would have been very restricted for many users.



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I've just re-uploaded the Videorecorder Plugin with a bugfix.


The former version refused to record one of Derrick's strange channels as MPG, due to a little bug.... and I'm not sure wether other channels might be affected. So if you encounter similar problems... just download again.

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ääähhhmmm....wohin nimmt das Plugin den eigentlich auf?`habe grade etwas 2 stunden lang aufgenommen und finde dazu jedoch keine Datei o.O ?

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hmmm das ist schlecht...dieses ist lehr....... 8O

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The plugin does not seem to like timer events with the same end time / start time.


If I set one event for say 12.00-12.01 and one for 12.01-12.02 only the first one is recorded. The second comes up with transport stream errors and does not record.

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OK, I checked it... if the end time of a scheduled recording equals the start time of the next recording, the VRPlugin tries to start it while still being in the process of stopping the first one. That leads to some internal crash.


I'll try to provide a fix in the next release - it's a bit difficult, since there is no way to synchronize the DVBViewer timer that signals a scheduled recording with the VRPlugin timer that stops it. The best workaround that I've found up to now is to shorten each scheduled recording by one second... :)

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I've just uploaded VRPlugin Version 2.7 to the Service Center - with some enhancements concerning scheduled recordings:


- The bug described above has (hopefully) been fixed.


- Non-standard PID settings are optionally (!) preserved in the VRPlugin.ini file, when you close the DVBViewer - just tick the Keep PIDs Checkbox in the PID Selection Window.


- A new checkbox allows to preserve the PIDs only for the next recording, so you don't have to remember to un-tick 'Keep PIDs' after the recording is done.


- Some of the VRPlugin main settings, like the file format, are saved automatically to the VRPlugin.ini file when the DVBViewer is closed, without having to click the Save Settings Button. This Button has been moved to the Settings Tab and now only saves the settings that are located there.


These changes have become necessary, since more and more people use the DVB Task Scheduler to let the PC wake up and start the DVBViewer automatically for scheduled recordings.

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Oops - forgot to update the TSPlayer. Sorry... but it's just a minor fix - searching with the keyboard didn't work as it should. No new version number.


So I uploaded the package again. If you don't use the keyboard for playback, you don't need to download again.

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Just downloaded the new version and didn't get a picture anymore if I use marfis filter. If I remove the videorec.dll it works again.

File is from Sonntag, 13. Juni 2004, 19:34:16


Update: Problem didn't occure if I deselect 'Keep marfis filter for recording'. If I selected this the picture freeze.





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Just downloaded the new version and didn't get a picture anymore if I use marfis filter.


Yes, strange... I've just tested the old v 2.6, and it worked, but it didn't with 2.7. :lol:


After searching up and down the code for a while o:) I found a minor difference: The audio and video PID in the list of PIDs sent to Marfi's Filter are in reverse order. Never thought that it would do anything - but actually Marfi's Filter wants to see the audio PID at first place. This sophisticated piece of software seems to be highly sensitive.... :lol:


So I uploaded the VRPlugin again (*sigh*)

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Hi Griga, thank you for your viderecorder plugin, first of all.

I have a little request:

is it possible that your plugin selects all the pids ( video, all audio tracks and videotext and PAT/PMT) of the channel scheduled for recording, by default?

Thank you in advance.

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is it possible that your plugin selects all the pids of the channel scheduled for recording, by default?


Possible.... sure. You would like it, I suppose. Others probably not.

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Please, can you add an option to do that?

So if one ticks that option, the Videorecorder Plugin will record all the pids of the channel, otherwise not.

Thank you.

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is there actualy a way to record two channels by the same time on schedule? If yes, pls describe it to me. I tried and only first scheduled always get recorded. The second one is never started. I know i can record second one manualy with VRP, but the thing is im not always at home to do that, so thats the issue. If it cant record both channels now, maybe developers can look after this feature.


Many thanks. JK ;)

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is there actualy a way to record two channels by the same time on schedule?


Yes if both channels are broadcasted on the same transponder (with same frequency, in the same data stream), and one recording is scheduled for the VRP, and the other one for the DVBViewer.


General rule for intersecting scheduled recordings: The one for the VRP must start first, cause the DVBViewer doesn't check its scheduler while it is busy with a scheduled recording.


If both broadcasts start at the same time, let the VRP recording start one minute earlier.


Additionally channel switching must be avoided. Both scheduled recordings must refer to the same channel.


Let's say, you want to record channel A (VRP) at 20:14 and B (DVBViewer) at 20:15. That's the way you do it:


1) Switch over to channel B.

2) Schedule the recording at 20:14 for channel B (!!!).Select 'Use Video Recorder'.

3) Schedule the recording at 20:15 again for channel B. Select 'Record'.

4) Go to the VRP, open the PID Selection Window, deselect all PIDs for channel B and select the video and audio PIDs for channel A.


If you want to make sure that your PID settings don't get spoiled by channel switching or closing the DVBViewer, tick the 'Keep PIDs' checkbox.

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Thanks for such a detail description. ;)


Im gonna try that, as it seems logical, so this should work. Anyway if i want to record any other channel (lets say hour) before these two, it wont record them both lately, because of channel switching, right? Plus only for first two scheduled... if I want to record two channels first and another two after these two, it couldnt be currently scheduled, cuz of required that little bit manual work if Im getting it right ;)

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if I want to record two channels first and another two after these two, it couldnt be currently scheduled


That's right - if the 'another two' are broadcasting on a different transponder, it can't be scheduled.


From the technical point of view it's possible, however - I'm already thinking about a multi-recorder feature. But that's quite complicated. Not necessarily the technical part - the user interface is the difficult thing.

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ReadMe: "The files are written to the folder, that has been assigned in the DVBViewer to videos"

Inside the Capture folder there's no files recorded with the plugins.. :)

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Tell me a bit more - what happens if you try to record with the VRPlugin? Does it display the written MBs? Any stream errors? Please attach you VRPlugin.ini file here.

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i downloaded the vr plugin 2.8 and tried a record with 4 sender to record. tried 60 minutes the recording an became 2 transport stream error.

ich demuxed the ts file with projectx 0.81.7 int05 and became the following error:


-> special PIDs for searching defined

ok> PID 0x6FF has PES-ID 0xE0 (MPEG Video) (0x0 #1)

ok> PID 0x700 has PES-ID 0xC0 (MPEG Audio) (0x19850 #557)

-> video basics: 720*576 @ 25fps @ 0.6735 (4:3) @ 15000000bps, vbvBuffer 112

-> starting export of video data @ GOP#0

!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP#0 / new Timecode 00:00:00.000

!> GOP#3489 doesn't start with an I-Frame at tref=0

!> dropping GOP#3489 @ orig.PTS 01:46:05.132 (572861882)

Pics exp/cnt 12/11, inGOP PTS diff. -80ms, new Timecode 00:27:07.840

!> PTS difference of 43200 (00:00:00.480) to last GOP#3489 detected

!> dropping useless B-Frames @ GOP#3490 / new Timecode 00:27:07.840

packs: 7594910 100% 6054837228


what can i do to avoid the problem?


software: DVBViewer 2.1 vr plugin 2.8 projectx 0.81.7 int05




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Well, 4 TV channels... that are about 15 mbps, almost a HDTV bit rate. Usually it should work without errors. Stream errors indicate that the transport stream received by the VRPlugin is already broken, so the plugin can do nothing to prevent it.


However, a lot of reasons may cause lost packets - even a bird flying around the LNB (that's no joke!), an aeroplane crossing the beam, or bad weather conditions. Nevertheless I would check the following things:


- DVBViewer priority setting (high priority should be ok, real time is too much)


- Other activities in your PC or in the DVBViewer while recording (e.g. Pause in the DVBViewer menu raises stream errors - just fixed in the current beta).


- Setup4PC - does it report any lost packets for those channels on the status page? Signal quality (BER, bit error rate)?

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Just to revisit the issue with the same end/start time of scheduled recordings.


When they are different channels the video recorder plugin warns this action will stop recording. So if you don't hit ok the second scheduled event wont be recorded.


But you can of course edit the first scheduled event to be one second less in the setup.ini.

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Can I record the complete TP stream?

I mean all the TP info including EMM/ECM data?

I need to do that even from a TP with scrambled channels.

Yes and no. The VRP can record a whole transponder but only with valid PIDs. That means: No EMM/ECM. Dumping of all PIDs is possible with the TSDumper plugin, though, but that's for developers only. I had never use for it since it is mainly designated for feed hunters.


Bye, Oliver

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is possible with the TSDumper plugin, though, but that's for developers only

An where can I find the TSdumper plugin?

I meant: It is an internal tool for the DVBViewer crew.


You will find Skyview on the official site (you would have found the link here in the forum or in the manual, though).





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I thank you.


In the mean time I d/l the skyview but recording complete TS does not work ...

It justs creates an empty file with name 'xxxxx.ts'. The byte counter works, counts from 0 to many many many kb but nothing is written on the disk.


So, I'm back to suggestions on how to create a complete TS dump. (Preferably from within DVBViewer) :(

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- Configurable auto pop up on certain events (scheduled recording starts, timer action will be executed in 30 sec.).

I love this, thank you!


EDIT: Tip for those who also want to start the DVBViewer minimized for scheduled recordings: Create a link file containing "DVBViewer.exe -m" in your DVBViewer directory and set "LaunchedFile=DVBViewer.lnk" (for example) in Scheduler.ini! It will still pop up but minimize itself.

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Well, uploaded again :bounce:


After some feedback here in the board, I've checked some things and fixed the following issues:


- Detection of audio format changes and reporting them in the log file (for MPG, MP2, AC3) didn't work reliable.


On several channels audio data was mistaken as audio frame headers, thus letting the VRPlugin assume all kinds of format changes that actually were none. I've added a sharper distinction, which (in theory) should make sure that 99.9% of the reported format changes really occured.


- When recording/converting with the "Split" option, the VRPlugin/TSPlayer patched the first video header of the second, third... file with a wrong average bit rate (much too low), thus doing their best to confuse media players that use this value for calculating the duration, the required buffer size etc.


- Additional fixes: A bug concerning the handling of Marfi's Filter, plus some minor things in the user interface.


I hope most of it is ok now - if you still encounter some nasty behaviour, please let me know by posting here.

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Just installed DVBViewer 3.0 and latest vrplugin and i have the following problem:

When i record from HD1 to mpeg file with ac3 sound using vrplugin, the files play without sound.... If i record using DVBViewer´s record function, the files play normally with ac3 sound :D

Also the channel name and sattelite in vrplugin´s settings is different - CH4 instead of HD1, Thor instead of HellasSat2 (however the pids are OK)

So i guess there is an incompatibility of the current version of vrplugin with DVBViewer 3.0 ;)

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When i record from HD1 to mpeg file with ac3 sound using vrplugin, the files play without sound.... If i record using DVBViewer´s record function, the files play normally with ac3 sound


Is "Write AC3 substream headers" ticked on the VRPlugin's settings tab?


Is the AC3 audio PID ticked when you start recording?


Also the channel name and sattelite in vrplugin´s settings is different


Do you use your old channel list or the one that came with the DVBV 3.0?


So i guess there is an incompatibility of the current version of vrplugin with DVBViewer 3.0


May be. However, I got no information about changes that might affect the VRPlugin, so we'll have to see.... I didn't try the DVBV 3.0 up to now.

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Write AC3 substream headers = ticked

AC3 audio PID = ticked

I'm using the old channel list from 2.3beta :)

However this seems to be a problem only for Vrplugin...

I'll try again today with a new channelist and report back tomorrow

And thanks for the quick reply...

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