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TSPlayer 2.5


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Now, here's the English announcement...

Together with DVBViewer 2.1 a new version of the Videorecorder Plugin (2.6) and the TSPlayer (1.1) have been released - have a look at the Service Center... http://www.dvbviewer.info/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

Important: The new VRPlugin has been designed for DVBViewer 2.1. If you are still using a former DVBViewer version, stay with VRPlugin 2.5. This doesn't apply to the TSPlayer, however - the new version can be used anyway.

So, what's new - first in the VRPlugin:

A new recording method: The VRP doesn't capture the data from the DirectShow filter graph anymore, but right from the transport stream of the SkyStar2 driver - for all file formats (MPG, PVA, MP2...). All the bytes go the short way now, so to say.

This method has some advantages - tests suggest that recording becomes even more stable and error free by this. If it proves to be reliable, it will probably be used in one of the next DVBViewer releases. Here are two new features arising from it:

Watching a channel and recording another one at the same time as MPG, PVA, MP2 (both channels must be from the same transponder, of course). The second channel is selected via the PID Selection Window (as for the TS format) - please read the ReadMe, it tells you step by step how to do it.

Up to now this was only possible with the TS format.

Error detection while recording: As the VRPlugin now accesses the original transport stream for all file formats, it is able to detect & count discontinuities (lost packets) and to display them. I hope, the counter will always stay at zero on your computer...

Actually it was quite difficult to test the error counter, since I found no way to raise errors while recording a 'normal' TV channel. Only with Euro1080 HDTV and by dragging the DVBViewer Window around wildly I managed to get drop-outs... and Klausing finally covered his LNB with a cloth to see the error counter working http://www.dvbviewer.info/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif seems that the recorder is fairly scuffproof.

Another thing arising from enhancements in the DVBViewer 2.1:

Recording overlapping broadcasts from different channels, one with the DVBViewer, the other one, with the VRPlugin - if both are transmitted on the same transponder. Use the DVBViewer Filter for it - it now allows to start a VRPlugin recording of another channel without disturbing an ongoing DVBViewer recording.

And the new features of the TSPlayer 1.1:

Easy and fast conversion of TS (transport stream) recordings to other formats (MPG, PVA, MP2..). Especially useful for people how want to keep the timeshift files generated by the DVBViewer 2.1 (with DVBViewer Filter), since it uses the TS format for it.

Easy extraction of a program out of a multiple-channel-TS-recording. If you've already tried to do it with ProjectX (by messing around with hexadecimal PID numbers), you will surely appreciate it... http://www.dvbviewer.info/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif

Simply select the file, set the TSPlayer to stop mode, choose the desired program from the tree view, select the output format and click Start - that's all.

Playback of ongoing DVBViewer MPG recordings. Yet another timeshift possibility, due to enhanced recorder routines in the DVBViewer 2.1 (actually those from the VRPlugin 2.5).

...and some smaller enhancements - please have a look into the Readme file.


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Here we go again :D - there's a new Video Recorder Plugin and TSPlayer version available in the Service Center.


Changes in VRPlugin 2.8:


- Stupid bug fixed: The average bitrate of MPG recordings wasn't calculated correctly. Both the VRPlugin and the TSPlayer were affected (conversion TS -> MPG). Fortunately nobody realized it :D except Derrick (who else?).


- A new way of channel resp. PID selection: Looks quite different now (have a look here). The PID Selection Window doesn't exist anymore. It has been replaced by the new Channels Tab. The tree view provides a simplified selection of the channel that shall be recorded. Only in special cases you'll have to deal with the PID resp. program element selection at the 'deeper' tree view level.


- Additional options for default PID selection: You can let the VRPlugin include videotext and/or additional audio channels by default, if you need to. This applies to selecting a channel at the first tree view level, and the automatic selection of the channel that is tuned in the DVBViewer.


@gabrago: Fulfils your request - just tick those two extra checkboxes, and the VRPlugin will always record all the channel's PIDs.


- Displays and controls the free disk space: You can enter the minimum free disk space on the Settings Tab. If the free disk space falls below this value, the Video Recorder will stop recording. Please read more about it in the ReadMe - there is a pitfall concerning the free disk space reported by Windows.


Changes in TSPlayer 1.2


- Videtext contained in a TS file will be listed too (but not yet displayed, which could be done - any need for that?)


- Enlarged picture size adjustment range (as a result of problems with the weird 'cropped' 16:9 format of BBC channels)


- Enhanced video renderer selection


That' all up to now - I hope it will make you happy ;)



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Next Version out: VRPlugin 2.9, TSPlayer 1.3.


Videorecorder Plugin Changes:


- Important: Recognizes the new DVBViewer Filter 2.0. The previous version will not work with coming DVBViewer updates, if the DVBViewer Filter is used. More about it here.


- Additional checkbox: Lets the plugin switch video/audio rendering off automatically when it executes a recording that has been scheduled in the DVBViewer (feature request).


- Additional checkbox: Usually the Videorecorder Plugin displays a warning, when the DVBViewer performs channel switching (or other actions that would stop an ongoing recording), allowing you to cancel the process. If this checkbox is unticked, an ongoing recording will be stopped without notification.


This is the only way I've found to fix the issue described by boborg (see above), concerning adjacent scheduled recordings from different channels.


- Enhanced timer: Lets you enter a time for an action to take place (not only the minutes to go)


TSPlayer Changes:


- Important: Uses the new DVBViewer Filter 2.0 for playback, which has to be downloaded additionally from the Service Center, as long as Christian doesn't provide the announced public beta release. Please read the ReadMe!


BTW: The latest DVBViewer Filter 2.0 update solves a nasty problem with MPGs that were recorded with the DVD compliant 2k packet size. These small packets made the memory management of previous source filter versions (and the Microsoft Demultiplexer) very inefficient, causing audio of HDTV MPGs to stutter badly in the TSPlayer. This is (hopefully) fixed now.


- Two checkboxes that enable switching playback and conversion of TS files on/off at any time, thus enabling "rough" cutting, if you want only a portion of the source TS file to be converted.


- Possibility to specify the output directory for conversion (e.g. for converting from drive D: to drive E:)


That's all - please let us know how the TSPlayer with DVBViewer Filter 2.0 behaves on your PC!

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Finally done - new Videorecorder Plugin and TSPlayer versions (3.0 & 1.5) are available in the Service Center.


Important: TSPlayer 1.5 should only be used with the new DVBViewer Filter 2.2. Please download it from the Service Center, if not yet done.


And now be prepared to read a looong list of new features:




- I've provided a CHM help file in the Service Center. Please download it - without it everything will be lost... :wub: but you also may read it online, if you like.


Videorecorder Plugin


- Two or more independently working instances of the Videorecorder Plugin 3.0 can be installed. They are able to record different channels at the same time (from a single transponder, of course). Overlapping scheduled recordings are distributed automatically. The second instance takes over, if the first one is already busy, etc.


- When scheduling a recording for the Videorecorder Plugin in the DVBViewer, the "description" can be used as a kind of command line to tell the plugin which channel(s) it shall record.


-The settings of a scheduled recording ( end time, action) can be changed while it is executed.


- Optional log file. It reports stream errors and (except for TS format) video/audio format changes, like 4:3 to 16:9, stereo to mono, Dolby Digital 2/0 to 5/1 etc.


- Configurable auto pop up on certain events (scheduled recording starts, timer action will be executed in 30 sec.).


- Output directory selection, independently from the DVBViewer settings, enabling the DVBViewer to write to one hard disk, and the VRPlugin to a second (if there are two) in case of simultaneous recordings.


- Improved user interface (thanks to admi-ral, who called my attention to this and that...)


The built-in recorder of Marfi's SkyAVC filter is not supported anymore. The former "Keep Marfi's Filter Prepared..." option can only be changed by editing the VRPlugin.ini file.





- Improved user interface with toolbar buttons (see here).


- Displays OSD videotext and -subtitles, if videotext data has been recorded in a TS file, thus enabling timeshift for hearing-impaired people.


- Search function for subtitle pages.


- Provides two cut markers (start/stop) for conversion. Not very precise, but usable.


- Automatic and manual file splitting.


- Additionally MPG files can be converted /cut / split. MPG to TS conversion is not supported, however.


- Supports the Overlay Mixer as video renderer.


- Supports brightness / contrast control (Overlay & VMR 9).


- Streams, which can not be assigned to a channel (due to missing PAT/PMT entries), are collected in an "unknown" section, enabling the TSPlayer to play them, provided they originate from a single program.


- Priority adjustment added.


- Bugs fixed: Endlessly repeated error messages after detection of discontinuities / TS to TS conversion of audio streams resulted in MP2 files.



...and that are the most important news. Everything else can be read in the manual. Enjoy! :)


P.S. I've uploaded again, due to a little problem with the VRPlugin log file. It was opened before retrieving the recording's file name, so it got the name of the previous recording (if at all)... fixed.

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After having got some more feedback, I've uploaded the Videorecorder Plugin Version 3.01 to the Service Center:


- Fixed: Switching over to certain transponders (e.g. French radio channels on Astra 19° East) in conjunction with the "+ Additional Audio" option caused nasty access violations.


- Fixed: Letting the plugin prefer a specific audio stream by re-sorting the the DVBViewer's channel list didn't work for AC3 streams.


Please read to the hint at the end of this section in the Videorecorder Plugin Manual (updatet too).


- Changed: The different kinds of channel selection for scheduled recordings are handled with he following priority order:


1) Channels specified in the line „Description“ with „VRP...“ have the highest priority.


2) If no channels are specified in this way, the Videorecorder Plugin takes a „frozen“ selection („Keep Selection“ is ticked).


3) If „Keep Selection“ is not ticked, the plugin selects the channel for which the recording has been scheduled in the DVBViewer (from version 3.01 on).


The third one is new - before the Videorecorder simply maintained the current selection in this case. It has been changed, since users got a bit confused by the previous approach. Furthermore it enables much easier handling of scheduled VRPlugin recordings with an experimental DVBViewer GE version, that I'll (hopefully) upload next weekend.


If you need the previous proceeding (for whatever reason), just enter the three letters "VRP" in the description lines of the DVBViewer's Recorder Settings Window, without any channel names following, when scheduling... the current channel/PID selection will remain unchanged.

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Before the Videorecorder enters into another experimental state with a newly designed recorder engine, I've uploaded a stable version 3.0.5 to the Service Center.




- New manual, targeted to using the plugin with DVBViewer GE / DVBViewer Pro 3.x. Read it online here.


- Better cooperation with DVBViewer GE 1.2.2. The plugin provides a new interface function that enables the DVBViewer to check the plugin's recording state, which prevents problems with adjacent scheduled recordings from different transponders.


- Better intergration into the coming DVBViewer Pro 3.1 (following proposals from Lars). Playback control will work again. Furthermore, ongoing scheduled plugin recordings can be controlled in the DVBViewer's Recorder Settings Window (changing the end time / action after recording, stop). More about it in the manual. This does not apply to DVBViewer Pro 3.0, however.


Please note: DVBViewer Pro 3.0 / 3.1 natively supports recording two or more channels at the same time. So there is no need to use the Videorecorder Plugin for it, except for recordings that require special plugin capabilities. Additionally, the plugin's channel tab may be useful. It provides a list of all channels that are broadcasted on the current transponder, showing which channels can be recorded / played at the same time.


- TSPlayer: Better playback and conversion of "strange" MPG files that have not been recorded with the DVBViewer. Especially MPG files from SVCDs can be played directly (at least most of them) and be converted to "normal" MPGs without the additional garbage data that is contained in many cases.

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Videorecorder Plugin 3.1 and TSPlayer 1.6 are available in the Service Center.


VRPlugin 3.1 changes:


- Added: The possibility to preset a filename scheme for recordings.


Please note: Using the placeholder %e for the title of the broadcast will only work correctly with DVBViewer Pro 3.2.1 and DVBViewer GE 1.5 (will be released soon), that contain a new interface for EPG data. And, of course, only if EPG data for the recorded broadcast is available.


- Added: Checkbox "Write PID info file for TS" (see Settings Tab). This setting could only be changed by editing the VRPlugin.ini file before.


- Removed: Checkbox "Execute all DVBViewer Recordings". Can be preset in DVBViewer Pro/GE now.


- Added: The log file for a recording contains the EPG data of the broadcast. Requires DVBViewer Pro 3.2.1 or DVBViewer GE 1.5 - see above.


- Removed: Marfi's Filter is not supported anymore - only affects old DVBViewer versions (up to 2.3).


- Fix: Unwanted update of the Channels Tab, after the user cancelled channel switching due to an ongoing recording. The fix requires DVBViewer GE 1.5 to take effect.


- Fix: If there was a taskbar at the upper desktop edge, the VRPlugin window moved up a bit each time the DVBViewer was launched, and eventually got out of scope.


- Changed: Setting the buffer size (see Settings Tab). Now done with a simple input line plus updown buttons, no slider. Saved space that was needed for other things. Please check if your preferred setting is restored corrrectly in the new version.


- Enhanced: If there are two or more VRPlugin instances for multi-recording, they share a common memory space for the channellist, instead each of them loading it separately when DVBViewer is launched --> faster, no more memory wastage.


TSPlayer 1.6 changes


- Enhanced: TSPlayer 1.6 is able to cope with TS files that contain more than one channel, but no PAT/PMT (which means: no table of contents). It tries to determine which video and audio streams belong together by comparing their time stamps. This works in most cases, thus enabling playback and conversion. However, better don't rely on it.


General changes:


- Added: Multi user capabilities, in respect of future DVBViewer versions. More about it here.


- Updated: The manual. Download it from the Service Center, or read it online here.

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Videorecorder Plugin 3.1.1 and TSPlayer 1.6.1 are available in the members area.


VRPlugin changes


Work-around: Prevents DVBViewer Pro 3.2.3 from disabling the plugin on transponder change. There may be uwanted side-effects; the actual fix has to be accomplished in DVBViewer Pro.


For DVBViewer GE users there are no changes.


TSPlayer changes


Fixed: TS/MPG playback issues, if the audio PES packets only contain a single frame (e.g. Austrian TV channels), due to faulty audio format detection.


Enhanced: A more stable teletext decoder (now the same as in the current DVBViewer Pro/GE release). Slight teletext display enhancements.

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Videorecorder Plugin 3.2 and TSPlayer 1.7 are available in the members area.


Main reason for the update is the coming DVBViewer GE 1.7 release. Multiple GE 1.7 instances can run at the same time (e.g. with different hardware - BDA support added). VRPlugin 3.1 caused heavy access violations when being used by two DVBViewers simultaneously.


Furthermore, VRPlugin 3.2 and TSPlayer 1.7 provide enhanced H.264 recording and playback capabilities. Read more about it in the HDTV Forum.

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Videorecorder Plugin 3.3 and the TSPlayer 1.7.1 are available in the members area, plugins section.


VRPlugin news:


- Added: Possibility to analyze and record the whole transportstream of a transponder on the PID Dump tab. This feature requires DVBViewer GE 1.7.3 or 1.8 beta. It is not available when using the plugin with DVBViewer Pro.


More about it in the manual. Please read carefully - this is a very special feature for DVB nerds.


- Fix: If the "Keep Selection" checkbox was ticked, the plugin didn't load the Channels Tab content from the file VRPlugin.ini correctly after re-launching DVBViewer.


- Fix: The Timeshift Button (-> launch TSPlayer) was disabled unnecessarily while recording if playback was disabled in DVBViewer.


TSPlayer news:


- Fix: A timestamp wrap-around to zero in a recorded MPEG2 file (due to reaching the maximum value of approx. 26 hours 20 minutes) confused the time counter above the position slider.




- Manual updated

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The Videorecorder Plugin has been updated in the members area to version 3.3.1.


- Fix (only concerns DVBViewer GE 1.8): Audio was missing in scheduled TS recordings.

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The Videorecorder Plugin has been updated in the members area to version 3.3.3.


This version was/is already available as part of the DVBViewer GE 1.8 packet. The updated VRPlugin/TSPlayer-ZIP in the Plugins Section now also containes two fixes resulting from the public DVBViewer GE beta test:


- Fix: Two scheduled recordings finishing at the same time with "Close DVBViewer" in two VRPlugin instances could cause a crash.


- Fix: Recordings failed if the filename was too long, particularly if many checkboxes on the Channels Tab were ticked for a multi-channel TS recording, since the plugin tried to insert all channel names in the filename. Now the plugin limits the length automatically.


No changes in TSPlayer.

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  • 6 months later...

An updated Videorecorder Plugin/TSPlayer-Packet is available in the Members Area, Plugins Section.


The new versions were already included in the DVBViewer GE packet (Videorecorder Plugin) and the H2.64-Kit (TSPlayer). So there are no outstanding news... here an overview of the changes since the last VRPlugin/TSPlayer packet:


Videorecorder Plugin 3.4:


- Removed: Option "Warning on channel change when recording". You will get this warning from DVBViewer now. Additionally several other measures that were related to older DVBViewer versions.


- Added: Displays the DVB device that is used for recording.


- Added: Splitting of a recording (manually or automatically) is logged in the recorder's log file.


- Changed: On a DVBViewer channel change, the VRPlugin does not change/update the channels/streams that are displayed on the Channel Tab anymore while recording.


- Added: Tray balloon tip notification if a scheduled recording starts/stops and the Plugin Window is not visible.


Videorecorder Plugin 3.4.1:


- Fix: The file size of a TS recording wasn't logged correctly.


Videorecorder Plugin 3.4.2:


- Fix: Display issues when resizing the window.


Videorecorder Plugin 3.4.3:


- Fix: When recording channels from the MTV bouquet (Viva NICK) the VRPlugin detected a lot of stream errors due to a not fully DVB compliant stream, though the recorded files were completely ok.


Videorecorder Plugin 3.4.4:


- Fix: In case of an aborted scheduled recording due to "disk full" the VRPlugin did not execute the intended action after recording.



TSPlayer 1.7.2:


- Added: A dropdown list for selecting the H.264 decoder (see Settings Tab).


TSPlayer 1.7.3:


- Fixed: H.264 format detection bug


- Added: H.264 frame rate detection.


TSPlayer 1.7.4:


- Fix: TSPlayer now catches exceptions caused by corrupted registry entries.


- Fix: The number of written bytes on the Conversion Tab wasn't updated when cutting / extracting from TS to TS.


- Added: 14:9 and 2.35:1 in the Aspect Ratio Dropdown List on the Settings Tab.

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TSPlayer 1.8.0 (-> Tools Section) and Videorecorder Plugin (-> Plugins Section) are available in the members area.


The add-ons are provided separately now, not as one packet anymore. The Videorecorder Plugin will not be developed further in future. Most of its features have been integrated in DVBViewer Pro/GE and TransEdit. Thus the plugin will only be needed for special purpose (like recording as PVA).




Videorecorder Plugin (only minor changes):


- Updated: The manual.


- Changed: Separate help file for TSPlayer and Videorecorder Plugin.


- Added: The help file VideoRec.chm can be opened by pressing F1 if it is present in the Plugins directory and the Videorecorder Plugin window is active.



TSPlayer 1.8.0:


- Updated: The manual. Contains additional information about the new features.


- Added: The help file TSPlayer.chm can be opened by pressing F1 if it is present in the same directory as TSPlayer.exe and the TSPlayer window is active.


- Improved: Stream detection


Please note: If identifying a stream failes, the TSPlayer now relies on the PMT (Program Map Table) information, provided it is present in the file. In this case the stream is listed in the "Available Streams" field, but no format detection (e.g. video resolution) has taken place. With certain decoders this may cause playback issues, that can possibly be avoided by increasing the amount of pre-analyzed data (search depth, see below).


- Added: Detection of DVB subtitle streams. The TSPlayer is not able to display DVB subtitles, but processes them when you cut a TS file or extract streams from it.


- Added: Settings -> Search Depth. Allows to specify how many MB of the file shall be analyzed in advance for stream detection. Saves editing the "MaxPackets" value in the file TSPlayer.ini.


It may be necessary to increase the default value (5 MB) in case of HDTV content, or if several programs are contained in the file (e.g. whole transponder recording with TransEdit), in order to achieve a proper stream/format detection.


- Added: For each stream in the "Available Streams" field there is a checkbox, allowing to include/exclude it from the output separately. Selecting an output format sets the checkmarks to an appropriate default.


- Added: Output with two or more audio streams (TS and MPG)


- Removed: PVA output.


- Fix: Issues with the Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder in case of resolutions like 480x576 (horizontally squeezed picture).

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TSPlayer 1.8.1 available in the members area, tools section:


- Fix: Incorrect handling of the video window in case of two monitors. If you have only one you don't need this update.

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TSPlayer 1.8.3 is available in the members area, Tools Section.


Changes in TSPlayer 1.8.2:


- Fix: Streams were not detected in TS files commencing with encrypted data.


- Changed: Encrypted data packets are removed on TS -> TS conversion.


This enables to play, rework and repair TS files recorded with DVBViewer Pro, in case the CI/CAM started working too late. Please note: Depending on the amount of encrypted data at the beginning, it may be necessary to increase Settings -> Search Depth drastically, e.g. to 50 MB or more.


Changes in TSPlayer 1.8.3


- Fix: The H.264 stream in BBC HD recordings wasn't detected anymore due to additional values in the video headers.


For live streams it has already been fixed in DVBViewer Filter 2.8.5.


ATM playing the AC3 stream in BBC HD recordings additionally requires the BBC HD Fixer.

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  • 8 months later...

TSPlayer 1.9.0 is available in the members area, Tools Section.




- Added: AAC audio support. The TSPlayer is able to detect/play/convert/cut LATM and ADTS AAC audio in TS, MPG and AAC files. Read more about conversion here.


Please note: AAC playback requires DVBViewer Filter 3.0 and the libfaad2 wrapper 1.1, if no other suitable AAC decoder is present in your system. When converting from TS to MPG keep in mind that H.264 and/or AAC content in MPG files is quite unusual. TSPlayer and DVBViewer can handle it, but other software probably not.


- Added: DirectShow tab for decoder/renderer selection (formerly on the settings tab).


- Added: Possibility to select an AC3 and AAC audio decoder.


- Fix: In case of two or more AC3 streams in a MPG file only one was detected. Playing an AC3 stream out of two or more in a MPG file requires DVBViewer Filter 3.0.


...plus several fixes related to stream detection / handling in general.


- Updated: The English manual.

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TSPlayer 2.0.0 is available in the members area, Tools Section.


Please note: The additionally supported video/audio formats require DVBViewer Filter 3.2.0 (or later)!



Playback enhancements:


- Added: Format information in the "available streams" tree view of the main window, including video resolution, aspect ratio, framerate, audio channels, samplerate, bitrate.


- New: Playback of unencrypted M2TS files (Blue Ray file format), including all BD video/audio formats (MPEG2, H.264, VC-1; AC3, Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, LPCM-BD), provided suitable decoders are installed:


- MPEG2, H.264, AC3 as usual.


- VC-1: TSPlayer uses the system default VC-1 decoder (with the highest merit value). Successfully tested with CyberLink, Sonic, MainConcept. Doesn't work with ffdshow, MPC Video Decoder and MicroSoft DMO yet. Probably you'll have to adjust merit values with the RadLight Filter Manager. Rightclick the TSPlayer main window to see which decoder is used.


- Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD: TSPlayer preferably uses the audio decoder that is selected for AC3 (if it doesn't support the format, TSPlayer lets DirectShow select a suitable one). AC3 Filter and some other audio decoders will do the job quite happily, since TSPlayer & DVBViewer Filter 3.2 extract a backward compatible AC3/DTS audio core from Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. There are no DirectShow decoders available yet that can cope with the extended features of these formats.


- LPCM-BD: The MPC - MPA Decoder Filter (version 1.1.604.0 tested) is the only known decoder that is able to handle it. TSPlayer uses it automatically, if installed & registered.


- New: Playback of unencrypted VOB files (DVD file format), including all DVD video/audio formats (MPEG2, MP2, AC3, DTS, LPCM), provided suitable decoders are installed:


- MPEG2, MP2, AC3 as usual.


- DTS, LPCM: TSPlayer preferably uses the audio decoder that is selected for AC3 (if it doesn't support the format, TSPlayer lets DirectShow select a suitable one). All audio decoders that fully support DVD playback (like AC3 Filter) should be able to handle it.


- New: Playback of MP3 and PCM WAV files. In contrast to the Microsoft MPEG-I Stream Splitter, which is the standard DirectShow parser for MP3, DVBViewer Filter 3.2 & TSPlayer are able to handle MP3 files with variable bitrate or huge ID3 tags. TSPlayer uses the system default MP3 decoder (the one with the highest merit value). PCM WAV just came in as a "proof of concept" when testing DVBViewer Filter 3.2. It doesn't require a decoder.



Conversion enhancements:


The following conversion / stream extraction / rough cutting capabilities have been added


M2TS -> TS. Internally TSPlayer handles the M2TS file format as TS (after removing four extra bytes per packet). All selected streams (without restrictions) are written to a TS file. TSPlayer is able to detect Blue Ray content in TS files and to process/play it accordingly.


M2TS -> MPG. MPEG2, H.264, AC3, Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and DTS-HD are selectable for MPG (program stream) output. In case of Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD streams TSPlayer extracts the AC3/DTS audio core for compatibility reasons. Please note: H.264 in MPG files is quite unusual. Only few players resp. DirectShow components (like Elecard Demultiplexer) can cope with it.


M2TS -> AC3/DTS. AC3, Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and DTS-HD are selectable for elementary stream output (pure audio). AC3, Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD are written to an .ac3 file, DTS and DTS-HD to a .dts file. In case of Dolby Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD streams TSPlayer extracts the backward compatible AC3/DTS audio core.


VOB -> MPG. MPEG2, MP2, AC3 and DTS are selectable for MPG (program stream) output.


VOB/MPG -> DTS. DTS audio is additionally selectable for elementary stream output (pure audio) and written to a .dts file.


MP3 -> MP3, DTS -> DTS. It is possible to copy a random section of the original file.



Other changes:


- Added: Audio renderer selection on the DirectShow tab.


- Changed: The filename of created TS files is derived from the original (source) filename ("Service XXX" is now just appended in brackets, if there is more than one service in the source file).


- Added: TSPlayer responds to DVBViewer Filter error messages in case of timestamp discontinuities by stopping and immediately restarting playback.


- Fix: Problems with QuadCore CPUs on searching/skipping.

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  • 6 months later...

TSPlayer 2.1.0 is available in the members area, Tools Section.


Lately I have been exploring possibilities to join files and play them seamlessly with the DVBViewer Filter. This TSPlayer release features some results. Please note: The TSPlayer is mainly a development facility and experimentation platform for DVBViewer Filter based file playback and the DVBViewer recording engine, not a consumer product. Though some things are not fully elaborated, they may be useful on certain occasions, hence provided as download for people who are not expecting too much.


- Updated: The English manual.


- Fix: Brightness/contrast with Intel graphics cards


- Fix: Mouse cursor appearing from time to time in full screen mode


- Changed: The TSPlayer does not prevent the screen saver anymore on pure audio plaback, in pause and minimized state.


- Added: On conversion EPG file infos created by DVBViewer are copied to the target file, provided it is stored on a NTFS partition - see Options -> Recorder -> Recordings -> Save EPG as file info (DVBViewer Pro) resp. Options -> Recorder -> Add EPG data as file info (DVBViewer GE).


- Added: Support for EAC3 playback (Enhanced AC3).


- Added: Handling of time stamp discontinuities on conversion to MPG. The TSPlayer tries to re-establich continuity, thus fixing errors in files.


- Added: The Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) is selectable for playback (see DirectShow-Tab).


- Added: The D3D Video Renderer is selectable for playback. It is VMR9-based, but the TSPlayer uses an own DirectDraw3D allocator/presenter component. Up to now this type of rendering was only available in special DVBViewer light versions (TechniSat Edition, DVBShop Player, FireDTV Viewer).


- Added: The MP3 and VC-1 decoder are selectable on the DirectSow Tab.


Up to now the only known VC-1 decoder cooperating well with the DVBViewer Filter (when playing M2TS files with VC-1 video) is the ArcSoft Video Decoder. Using it requires DVBViewer Filter 3.4. Other VC-1 decoders don't connect to the DVBViewer Filter or create judder.


- New: Joining files for conversion and seamless playback, which means, without stopping it. The TSPlayer handles and presents the files as if they were a single file. The displayed file size and duration is the added up size/duration of all files.


- New: Files Dropdown List on the Player Tab. Shows the opened files and enables jumping to a specific file.


- New: Seamless playback of audio CDs (including CDs with data track resp. *.cda files that are not visible in the Windows Explorer). The TSPlayer uses internal routines to read the CD and the DVBViewer Filter as source filter, not CDAudio.ax.


Please note: The TSPlayer only joins sufficiently matching files. The determining factor is the first file. All subsequent files must


- have the same file extension


- contain all streams that have been detected in the first file with a matching format, which means, the stream type, resolution and frame rate (video) resp. the samplerate (audio) must be identical.


Files that are not suitable for joining are rejected resp. not added to the file list.


There are different possibilities to open more than one file:


1) Select the files in the Windows Explorer. Drag & drop them altogether on the TSPlayer main window or, if it is not running, on the TSPlayer icon.


2) Drag & drop a folder or drive on the TSPlayer main window or icon. The TSPlayer opens all media files contained in the folder/drive, provided the format is supported and the files can be joined with the first file. The TSPlayer does not browse sub-folders, except if it detects a video DVD or BluRay structure. In this case it tries to join the contained VOB resp. M2TS files.


3) Select the files in the file dialog that appears after clicking the Open File Button. Click Open or drag & drop the files on the main window.


However, these methods only provide limited control on the file order. Usually the file (one of several selected) dragged from an Explorer Window is the first one. The rest corresponds to the file order in the Explorer, wrapping around to the first selected file. A specific order can be achieved in the following way:


4) Dragging & Dropping files with the right mouse button on the TSPlayer Main Window adds them to the list (even if playback is already going on). In contrast, dragging & dropping files with the left mouse button closes and replaces all open files.


Possibilities arising from that are


- playback of movies consisting of several (unencrypted) VOB/M2TS files and converting them to a single MPG/TS file.


- playback of splitted DVBViewer recordings and converting them to a single file.


- joining of different recordings from the same channel. Please note: The result will be discontinuous and not standard compliant at the splice point. DVBViewer and TSPlayer will play it, other players probably not. Decoders might crash (mostly they don't, but you never know...)


- Continuous playback of several MP3 files and converting them to a single file. Please note: The MP3 format does not allow perfectly seamless joining. Mostly a short audible gap will remain. Tags are removed on conversion. The TSPlayer accepts files with differing bit rates and calculates an average bit rate in this case, but the playback position will not be displayed accurately, and skipping/searching may yield unexpected results.

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TSPlayer 2.1.1 with some refinements is available in the members area, Tools Section:


- Changed: The VMR9-based D3D video renderer isn't configured for YUV anymore (due to bad quality with NVidia cards).


- Fix: Infinite loop when trying to read TPS files (kind of TS recorded with Kathrein PVR) containing a faulty PAT (Program Association Table).


- Added: Ability to play split Kathrein PVR recordings (TPS files, see above) seamlessly and join them to a single TS file.


- Added: Conversion -> MPG Settings -> PTS Continuity Correction checkbox. Allows to switch the correction of timestamp discontinuities off, if it causes unwanted results on conversion to MPG.


- Fix: Additional audio tracks starting later in a TS file were assigned to a separate "Unknown" service entry. Please note: TSPlayer can only find such audio tracks with a sufficient search depth (see Settings -> Search Depth).


- Fix: Access violation under certain (rare) conditions when reading a MPEG2 sequence header.


- Added: Additional priority levels (below normal, above normal, see Settings -> Priority).


- Changed: Repeated items in BluRay playlists only appear once in the playlist generated for seamless playback.


- Added: Simple main movie detection for (unencrypted) video DVDs.


When dragging a DVD drive into the main window, the TSPlayer doesn't collect all contained VOB files in its playlist anymore (which only makes sense in case of self-burned DVDs containing only one title and no menus), but examines the IFO files. It regards the largest one as main movie IFO and includes the associated VOB files (without menu resp. VTS_XX_0.VOB) in its playlist for seamless playback. You may also drag & drop a specific IFO file on the TSPlayer main window in order to play the associated title. Thus the Video DVD handling now resembles the handling of (unencrypted) BluRay disks resp. BluRay play lists (*.mpls files).


- Enhanced: Some parts restructured and optimized, some potential problems prevented.

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TSPlayer 2.2.0 is available in the members area, Tools Section:


Please note: For using TSPlayer 2.2.0 it is strongly recommended to update to DVBViewer Filter 3.5.1 if not yet done.


If you don't know what TSPlayer is please read more about it here.


- Added: Keyboard shortcuts for the tool buttons on the player tab (displayed in the button tooltips). Apart from the conversion/trimming commands they are also applicable when the video window is the active window (with and without Ctrl).


- Fix: Pressing the Alt key caused some control elements (buttons, checkboxex) to disappear under Vista & Windows 7.


- Enhanced: Navigation with the position slider. Clicking the trackbar lets the slider jump to the position.


- Added: Use of the DVBViewer Filter 3.5 support for displaying a still picture after seek operations in pause mode.


This facilitates searching through a video file with "forward / rewind", e.g. by holding the [left arrow] or [right arrow] key down when the trackbar is selected or the video window active (skipping 10 seconds forward / backward). You may also use the space bar for skipping the smallest possible amount forward (to the next I frame).


- Added: "Estimate duration if necessary" checkbox on the Settings Tab (experimental). It applies to TS/MPG playback and lets the TSPlayer estimate the duration (based on the average playback data rate) if the duration calculated from the timestamps differs more than 50%.


Tick this checkbox if the TSPlayer displays a crazy duration for a TS/MPG file due to timestamp gaps (e.g. 5 minutes for a 4 GB file, making navigation nearly impossible). A correction requires at least 10 seconds of continuous playback. It is optional because it is not clear if it may be triggered unnecessarily by "normal" files.


- Enhanced: The DirectShow filters context menu doesn't supersede the context menu of input lines anymore.


- Enhanced: If no Output Directoy is specified on the Conversion Tab, the TSPlayer writes converted files to the directory of the source file, instead of displaying an error message.


- Enhanced: The TSPlayer now converts TS files with MPEG2 video to MPG even if the video headers (sequence headers), that are required for format detection, are not located at the beginning of data packets, but hidden somewhere else in the video data (previously resulting in 0 byte MPG files).


- Added: .rec files created by Topfield receivers are accepted without having to rename them to .ts.


- Fix: Two bugs in the integrated D3D video renderer causing memory leaks and access violations.


- Fix: AAC audio format detection failed in case of dual channel (bilingual) ADTS AAC. Playing such streams additionally requires the DVBViewer Filter 3.5.1 and libfaad2 wrapper 1.1.4, if it is used as AAC decoder.


- Added: Under Windows 7 the Microsoft MPEG-1/DD/AAC Audio Decoder can be selected as AAC decoder in the AAC dropdownlist on the DirectShow Tab. AAC playback with this decoder requires DVBViewer Filter 3.5.1.


- Several minor enhancements and fixes.


Thanks to hdv for a lot of testing and many suggestions!

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TSPlayer 2.2.0 has been replaced by TSPlayer 2.2.1 in the Members Area, Tools Section.


- Fix: The "Estimate duration if necessary" function (see above) tried to do its job in pause mode, leading to odd results, because the playback rate in pause mode is 0 bytes per second.


It's an experimental function anyway, but in order to prevent confusion I decided to upload this hotfix.

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TSPlayer 2.3.0 is available in the members area, Tools Section:


- Added: Cue play (seeking with visual feedback) using the mouse. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.5.0. or later.


Clicking one of the toolbuttons (<<), (<), (>), (>>) and holding the mouse button down lets TSPlayer start cue play after a short time by auto-repeating the command. Same applies to the keyboard shortcuts (PgUp), (Left), (Right), (PgDn), according to the keyboard repeat rate settings in the Windows control panel.


Right-clicking the toolbuttons resp. holding the Shift Key down when using keyboard shortcuts yields a shorter skip interval (indicated in brackets):


(<<) 60 seconds back (30 seconds)

(<) 10 seconds back (1 second resp. minimum interval for the video type)

(>) 10 seconds forward (1 second)

(>>) 60 seconds forward (30 seconds)


- Changed/Added: Keyboard shortcuts. (Up) = Play, (Down) = Pause, (F) = Full Screen, (M) = Mute, (Esc) brings the main or video window to the foreground.


Please note: If the TSPlayer Main Window is the active window, the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above require the Player Tab to be selected and the Ctrl Key to be additionally pressed.


- Added: Checkbox Settings -> Cue Play. Switches visual feedback for seeking on/off. Untick this checkbox, if you want the behaviour of older TSPlayer versions resp. older DVBViewer Filter versions.


- New: PiP (Picture in Picture) playback of a second video stream in a TS file. Requires the PiP module PreviewW.exe 2.0.0 or later (included in the TSPlayer package). Store it in the same folder as TSPlayer.exe.


PiP is available after playback of the primary service / stream has been started. Select the desired secondary service or video/audio stream in the Available Streams Treeview and click the PiP toolbutton on the bottom right. Alternatively right-click the toolbutton or the PiP window (if it is already active) and select the service resp. stream from the popup menu.


Please note: On first usage the PiP Window does not display video, but lets the PiP Settings pop up, prompting you to select a video decoder, video renderer and audio decoder. Do so, close the Settings Window and repeat the selection of the desired program resp. stream.


If the PiP Window is already open, the popup menu offers additional functions:


- PiP Close: Closes the PiP Window. Alternatively click the PiP toolbutton.

- PiP Audio: Toggles between PiP audio and primary audio. Alternatively click the primary or secondary video window with the middle mouse button.

- PiP Full Screen: Switches the PiP Window to full screen mode and back. Alternatively double-click it. When switching to full screen mode the PiP Window automatically grabs audio.

- PiP Settings: Opens the PiP Settings Window.


You may resize the PiP Video Window in the usual Windows way, or move it around by dragging it with the left mouse button.


The PiP module supports MPEG2 / H.264 video and MPEG / AC3 / AAC audio. Drawbacks: Synchronization between the two video windows is usable, but not always perfect. It may depend on the decoder / renderer selection.


- Enhanced/Fixed: TSPlayer now accepts / correctly handles additional types of WAV files (containing floating point PCM and such). Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.5.2 or later.


- Enhanced/Fixed: The stream detection doesn't fail anymore on TS recordings affected by the "lazy CAM" issue. The files are playable without Scrambled Flag Fixer postprocessing.


- Added: Checkbox Conversion -> Discard packets up to first PES Header. Applies to video / audio / teletext / DVB subtitle streams in the TS output. Discards all TS packets up to (not including) the first packet containing a PES header, thus letting streams start in a "clean" way with an access unit and a time stamp. This option also removes scrambled packets at the beginning of recordings that are affected by the "lazy CAM" issue (see above).


- Enhanced/Added: The Conversion -> Timestamp Continuity Correction option uses a more sophisticated method avoiding audio/video sync deviations. It also applies to TS output (formerly only to MPG). The continuity correction is triggered by video / audio / teletext timestamps jumping forward an unusual amount of time, or even worse, jumping back.


Possible causes for timestamp discontinuities: Temporarily interrupted recordings (e.g. due to bad weather conditions), concatenated files recorded at different times, broadcasts with discontinuous timestamps (e.g. demo loops, pay-per-view channels).


Possible indications: TSPlayer and DVBViewer calculate a wrong duration, lots of error messages in ProjectX when demuxing the file, playback / seeking doesn't work in other players or doesn't work in in DVBViewer, if the DVBViewer Filter is deselected for playback (the DVBViewer Filter adjusts the timestamps automatically on file playback).


Most of the impact of such discontinuities can be prevented by ticking "Timestamp Continuity Correction" and converting/copying the TS/MPG file with the TSPlayer. However, there are theoretical cases (though not very likely) where the result may be worse than before. So make sure that the TSPlayer output plays fine before deleting the original file!


Please note: Conversion with TSPlayer is based on the DVBViewer recorder engine. The TSPlayer literally re-records files. Some parts of the recorder engine have been rewritten in order to integrate new options. The TSPlayer is a test case for recorder engine improvements, because if they don't work as expected, you can fall back on the original file (in contrast to live recording). So if you encounter issues, please report them. Once the changes are integrated in DVBViewer it's too late...


- Enhanced: The teletext decoder processes all kinds of special (particularly diacritical and foreign) characters, that were previously ignored, and the teletext renderer displays them correctly. Bilingual teletext is supported.


- Updated: English and German manual.

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TSPlayer 2.3.1 is available in the new members area https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members, tools section. The ZIP additionally contains PiP module PreviewW.exe 2.0.2 (with some enhancements), enabling to watch two video streams contained in a TS file simultaneously. It may also be used to update the PiP module in a DVBViewer GE installation.


Please note: TSPlayer 2.3.1 requires a DVBViewer 4.5 (or later) resp. a DVBViewer GE 3.0 (or later) installation.


Please post feedback, bug reports and questions in the old TSPlayer thread. All announcements have been moved to this closed thread.


Changes in TSPlayer 2.3.1:


- Fix: Access violation if the EVR is selected as video renderer but not present in the system, or an audio file is played.


- Enhanced: EVR handling in general, avoids flickering when the video window is resized (also applies to the PiP module 2.0.2).


- Fix: The first of two teletext streams within a service could not be displayed.


- Enhanced: More tolerant MPEG2 video detection (accepts MPEG1-like headers in TS files).


- Added: Accepts drag & drop of shortcuts (to folders and supported media files).


- Added: Security measures against DLL hijacking and data execution (buffer overflow exploits) (also applies to the PiP module 2.0.2).


- Added: DPI-Awareness. TSPlayer enlarges its window and font according to the Windows DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings, thus adapting to the increasing resolution of PC displays. Previously the TSPlayer design was 96 DPI-fixed. Now, e.g. in case of 120 DPI, all windows and fonts will be 25% larger (also applies to the PiP module 2.0.2).


- Removed: Support for DVBViewer Filter versions < 3.2 (also applies to the PiP module 2.0.2).


- Several minor enhancements / fixes.

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TSPlayer 2.3.3 is available in the new members area, tools section.


- New: Optional removal of H.264 filler data on conversion. See Conversion Tab -> Remove H.264 Filler Data (default off). The Conversion Tab displays the amount of removed filler data (in MB) and the percentage (related to the total processed H.264 data) when filler data removing is in effect. Thanks to Martin K for contributing the concept and code!


Some (not all) HD channels, particularly Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, arte HD and ORF HD, are inserting filler data in the H.264 video stream in order to keep a constant bitrate. The percentage of filler data depends on the broadcasted content. E.g. in low motion scenes 50% or more of the H.264 stream may consist of filler data, and in case of movie opening or closing titles even more than 90%. So removing the H.264 filler data may decrease the size of TS recordings with H.264 content considerably, in some cases to 50% and less.


- Added: Warning when you try to convert a TS file with H.264 and/or AAC content to MPG (MPEG2 program stream), because it isn't covered by the standard. Most software is not able to handle it (DVBViewer is).


- Fix: Copying NTFS file properties (EPG info data added by DVBViewer to recordings) from the source to the destination file on conversion didn't work properly under certain circumstances. More about it here.


- A few minor fixes.

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TSPlayer 2.4.0 is available in the Customer Area, Tools Section.


Please note: Though the TSPlayer provides various useful functions it is not primarily tailored for user needs. It mainly serves as a test platform for new features and procedures.

This release serves as a public test of a new EVR Custom Video Renderer variant elaborated by CiNcH, with several enhancements concerning the timing and image quality. You can select it on the DirectShow Tab -> Renderer -> Video. Feedback is welcome!

Additionally it is of interest for future DVBViewer releases how the newly implemented picture display works when the position slider is dragged with the mouse (which facilitates seeking considerably).

Please note: TSPlayer 2.4 requires DVBViewer Filter (DVB Source) 3.8.1 or later. Otherwise it will refuse playback, in order to prevent bug reports caused by old DVBViewer Filter versions. So please update your DVBViewer installation, if not yet done.

- Changed: DirectShow -> Renderer -> Video-> the old VMR 9 based D3D Renderer has been replaced by the EVR Custom Renderer (see above).

- Removed: DirectShow -> Renderer -> Video-> Simple Video Renderer. There is no good reason for using this old renderer (originating from Windows 98) anymore, except in combination with the Overlay Mixer.

- Fix: Flickering and pictures only appearing occasionally on seeking / cue-play with the standard (non-custom) EVR Video Renderer. Please note: In order to prevent flickering the TSPlayer switches the Aero design off under Windows 7 while the EVR is used. The EVR Custom Renderer is not affected by this issue.

- Added: If Settings -> Cue Play is switched on the TSPlayer continuously displays the picture at the current position while the position slider is dragged with the mouse.

- Added: Resizing the Video Window by dragging the edges keeps the window aspect ratio. Dragging the corners works as before, which means, it allows to change the aspect ratio. Also applies to the Preview Module. The video aspect ratio is not affected.

- Added: Files can also be dragged & dropped into the Video Window (previously only into the Main Window).

- New: The TSPlayer displays subtitles, provided the VMR 9 or EVR / EVR Custom Video Renderer is used. It supports Teletext, DVB, ISDB, ATSC and BluRay subtitles (presentation graphics). New settings related to this topic can be found on the Teletext /Subtitles Tab. Please read more about it in the manual.

- Added: The Available Streams Field additionally displays ISDB and BluRay (presentations graphics) subtitle streams allowing to export them to TS files provided Settings -> Search Depth is sufficient for finding the streams.

- Added: Support for HEVC video and AES3 audio.

- Added: Settings -> checkbox "Query Audio CD information from FreeDB.org". Lets the TSPlayer retrieve Audio CD track titles from FreeDB.org, if not available as CD text.

- Added: While playback is active the TSPlayer prevents the PC from going to sleep mode or switching the monitor off due to energy options.

- Enhanced: if playback reaches the end of the file the TSPlayer jumps back to the beginning and switches to pause mode, except if the file has been recognized as "growing" during playback (e.g. if it is an ongoing recording).

- Added: Critical DirectShow errors let the TSPlayer stop playback and display a message box showing the error code.

- Fix: An externally triggered temporary playback stop (e.g. by the video renderer due to some event) could cause the playback position to jump several minutes ahead.

- Fix: Numerous minor fixes and enhancements.

- Updated: English and German manual.

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TSPlayer 2.5.0 is available in the Customer (Download) Area, Tools Section.

  • Added: Support for TTML and WebVTT subtitles in TS files, as recorded by DVBViewer 7.2.0 or DVBViewer Media Server 3.2.0 and later.
  • Added: Support for ATSC closed captions (CEA 608 subtitles) embedded in H.264 video.
  • Added: "Reformat teletext subtitles" option on the Teletext/Subtitles tab. If checked, teletext subtitles are not displayed in the fixed teletext character grid with equal width for each character, but as proportional text (provided a proportional font is selected).
  • Added: Optional removal of HEVC video filler data (see Conversion tab, previously only for MPEG2 and H.264 video).
  • Added: Conversion of .aac files with AAC audio in a LOAS/LATM container to ADTS AAC files (see Conversion tab).
  • Added: After cutting / converting an audio elementary stream (MP2/AC3/AAC/MP3) TSPlayer reports the number of audio frames where the length in the header doesn't match the actual length as discontinuities. This may indicate that frames got lost.
  • Added: TSPlayer recognizes a transport stream in files that have a program stream file extension like .mpg or .mpeg (e.g. from US sources) and handles them accordingly.
  • Change: PMTs (Program Map Tables) in TS files are now detected and processed even if the syntax is wrong (reserved bits = 0 instead of 1). This enhances the ability to determine which video and audio streams belong together in files that contain multiple services (channels).
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TSPlayer 2.5.1 is available in the Customer (Download) Area, Tools Section.

  • Fix: The "Available Streams" tree view did not display language information anymore.
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TSPlayer 2.5.2 is available in the Customer Area, Tools Section.

  • Added: Display of radio text that is embedded in MPEG or AAC audio frames, as broadcasted by the German ARD via satellite (Astra 19.2° East). The TSPlayer detects the text in TS, MP2 and AAC files (LOAS/LATM and ADTS AAC) and displays it on the Player tab at the bottom of the Available Streams panel.
  • Added: Extraction of radio text from MPEG or AAC audio frames to a Unicode (UTF-8) text file with .rds as file extension by selecting "Radiotext (.rds)" as Output Format on the player tab. Besides that the proceeding is the same as for other format conversions with the TSPlayer (see TSPlayer manual). Each text line is preceded by a time stamp in hh:mm:ss format indicating the playback position where the radio text appears. The "Remove duplicate text lines" checkbox on the Conversion tab (default on) lets the TSPlayer remove repetitions, so that only the first occurence of a radio text line appears in the .rds file.
  • Fix: Some issues with a Windows text size of more than 100%.
  • Fix: Access violation when double-clicking the empty Available Streams field.
  • Fix/Change: Some minor UI enhancements.
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