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OSD Skin "E-X-BW"


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31th Dec 2012: E-X-BW completly re-worked. This skin comes now in two versions:

E-X-BW Nox edition

E-X-BW Lux edition


Please note: requires Mr.SkinHelper from BluFuzz (thanks to SnoopyDog)!


Please, use images 1 and 2 for both skin E-X-BW versions (Nox and Lux) and see my other skin posts for all relevant details

how to install this skin. Only the files of images 1 and 2 are to be copied in the images folder of the skin.


You also need the font Aeon_main as well as Concinnity installed on your system. They are available in the fonts folder of the skins.


Contains files for mymovies, myseries, myprograms, TVMan, NeutrinoCL, OnlineVideos, Online Mediathek and My Scrobbler and does require the relevant plugins as well as the miniepgvars-plugin for signal strenght, which are not part of the skin download .


Hope you will enjoy both skin versions.


Kind regards





















E-X-BW Nox Edition.zip



E-X-BW Lux Edition.zip

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OSD Skin "E-X-BW"


@ SnoopyDog and Mague: is there a way to make the microplug plugin work in BluFuzz / Mr. SkinHelper? Would be very helpfull since I use it

for Lyrics and info related to pictures.




I ll have a look at it.

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Ok, i understand the problem. The Bluefuzz plugin introduces its own OSD blue menu.


Either SnoopyDog implements commands.ini or i ll have to rewrite MicroMedia. The good thing is i am willing to rewrite it, the bad thing is it ll take some time.

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Hi Mague,


thank you very much for your answer.


I would be great if we coulg get it work either way.


Actually, it seems that this the same conflict that the X-Plugin cannot

be used if Mr.Skin-Helper is active. So Movie information cannot

be downloaded.


Maybe Snoopy Dog sees a way to integrate both plugins in his OSD Menue.


That wold be great for the overall functionality of our great and beloved DVBViewer.



Kind regards



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Skin updated today 02. June 2012. Please see first post.



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Which version of MicroMedia do you use for lyrics ? Extendet or normal ?


If you only need lyrics in a seperate window (as in MicroMedia basic version) it wouldnt be that hard to write a new plugin for it. The current version of MicroMedia basic is based on VBS. A plugin in Delphi is easier, since it has build in widestring for UTF8/ANSI lyrics.


Would it be a big problem to change file names ? I am thinking of introducing a naming sheme like "song title.lyr.txt". With .lyr. as 2nd extension it would be possible to differ whatever.txt from lyrics.



How about tyring to do it right and use the LCR format ?



I would just filter out the [..] tags and it would work with just_text files as well.


Who know what it might be good for in future.

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Hi Mague,


I actually use the extended Version of MicroMedia but I guess for Lyrics the basic MicroMedia version would be enough.


Changing the file names would not be a problem.


LCR format for Lyrics would be of course the perfect solution.


Thanks for your support.



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Great design of OSD I like it


about xml files, said you than I prefer myrecording1.xml because with myrecording.xml by omission, I see the recordings title with blue font over white, and I cant read anything...


With duration.xml, is not possible anymore information about recording or TV show? exemple the title of recording o TV show


Thanks and congratulations

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Hi Defcon5,


thanks for the compliments.



Changed myrecordings.xml. It has now black colored font. Update in OSD Skin included.


To be honest I am not really clear about your second point since MR. MediaSummary 1 is included in videoinfo,

which pops up if a txt-file for the playing item is available.


Kind regards



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hi eveybody


Im going to try explain me the better I known in english


When I use Myscrobbler wit this OSD and Evolution also and I want listen next song, logical is pressing "next key" in my MCE remote "Skip" key and then sound. This only occurs one time, if I press skip for the another song, then scrolling artist infromation.


If I simule this with keyboard keys occurs same issue, not only with remote.

With X skin black glass don´t occurs this.

If you need more information please tell me it



Thanks and good job

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When I use Myscrobbler wit this OSD and Evolution also and I want listen next song, logical is pressing "next key" in my MCE remote "Skip" key and then sound. This only occurs one time, if I press skip for the another song, then scrolling artist infromation.


I've got the same issue. Also the current duration time isn't shown correctly.

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I just tested the "skip" issue .


This issue happens if the info window of myScrobbler (Mymusicinfo) is visible.


If it stays hidden you can skip, Issue is apparently related to the MR.Skinhelper plugin.


The same applies to currentplaytime - its propably related to Mr.SkinHelper.



If you cannot live with these small issues just load the attached myScrobbler.Xml file into the skin folder

and select this one from the menu. This is an alternative as a quick fix. My Musicinfo is still available.






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I just copied the file and now it seem work fine the skip key


I continuing testing.......




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This was done deliberately...but you can change this with the skineditor or DVBViewerSkinner quite easily if you do not like it.




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Как перейти к подменю myPrograms? не получается, может чего-то не установил?


How to pass to a submenu myPrograms? It is impossible, something can has not established?

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..can you please be more specific: what does it mean "OSD is wrong" - what is wrong????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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..can you please be more specific: what does it mean "OSD is wrong" - what is wrong????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????








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1. SNR: have you got the miniepgvars-plugin installed ? without SNR it is not working. Apart from that it is not an skin issue.


2. VMR: I need to test at home. I am using the EVR custom render and it is working properly with W7 64 bit. By the way: do you

have the MR.SkinHelper plugin installed?


Kind regards



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Welche Logos nimmst du? Ich kann leider kein weißen Hintergrund bei den Logos einstellen. Der Skinhelper funktioniert nicht. Ich habe den E-X-BW Skin.

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...in der angehängten Datei sind die Logos mit weissem Hintergrund, die ich benutze.




Vielen Dank erstmal. Aber die Logos sind sehr alt. Ich glaube es ist sinnvoller eine Möglichkeit im OSD zu finden um das aktuellste und vollständigste Logopack zu nutzen. Anbei habe ich dir noch ein paar Screenshots von OSD Fehlern angehangen. Ansonsten ein großartiger Skin der endlich mal "mediacenterlike" ist. Ich finde das die schwarze Schrift auf weißen Hintergrund sehr gut aussieht. Da viele Seiten im OSD in diesem Design gestaltet sind, wundert es mich das du die Timeline in schwarz mit Weißer Schrift gehalten hast.



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Hi masterandy,


habe ein miniepg und EPG1 mit eingefügtem weissen Logo background gemacht.


Ausserdem: home_shutdown image (muss in den images folder des skins) .


Alternative timeline mit weiss-grauem Hintergrund (background6.png muss in den images folder des skins). An eine weisse timeline habe ich mich noch nicht herangetraut.


Bitte erst eine Kopie des Skins zum Testen machen.






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Wow schnelle Reaktion, Großes Danke und super Arbeit. Die Lösung funktioniert erstmal. Ist zwar nicht optimal bei transparent. Aber sieht mit weißen und transparenten Logo Top aus (siehe Bild). Die Timeline Timer sehen auch besser aus. Beim Timeline EPG dachte ich mehr so an ein Design wie der Rest

Also mehr in Richtung einheitliches Design für alle Pages wie Senderliste, Sender EPG etc, so alles wie aus einen Guß wirkt.

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