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Media Server can't record streams

Hoyul Lee

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* Sorry for poor English. I'm not a native speaker.


Recently, I made a ATSC stream server w/ DVBViewer Media Server.


Now I can get TV streams with Kodi/DVBViewer Pro, but can't record.

1st pic is the Timer Recordings table. The timer looks like well listed, but as you see, webinterface told me that it never written streams to a storage.(2nd pic)

And svcdebug.log said that Process(DVBVservice.exe) has Process Access Violation Error!(3rd pic, look red lines).


So... what can I do for clear this error? It makes me crazy...



well listed.png



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This is no chat and most likely there is a time difference between your country and Europe. Please take this into account.


It's quite obvious what happens: The DMS tries to start the recording, but the process is interrupted by the access violation, so the recording doesn't start and the DMS tries it again and again every second.


However, it is hard to pinpoint what actually causes this access violation. It is no known DMS issue, so it may be specific to your setup, particularly ATSC as reception type. Since ATSC can't be received in Europe there is no chance to reproduce the issue here. So all we can do is to try this and that in order to narrow the cause down.


So please first try if recording works with DVBViewer directly. For this purpose untick DVBViewer -> Settings -> Options -> (scroll down) DVBViewer Media Server -> Send timers to the server, Connect to the timer list, Connect to the recording list and Ignore local recording list. This makes DVBViewer a "stand alone" recorder.


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Tried your guide, it works. But still I need server-side recordings, not a local recording.


※ Re-installation or de-activate Anti-Virus SW are useless. I tried them several times already.

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In the meantime I have enabled an ATSC simulation for the DMS (an ATSC sample file handled as live TV source by using a virtual file device). Recording worked without problems. However, such a simulation is not perfect. Particularly up-to-date EPG data that the recorder usually tries to read is missing.


The address of the access violation is located in the runtime libraries, not in the DMS code (if my debugger is right). It suggests an attempt  to read text that is no more in memory. Unfortunately that doesn't help much to find the part that causes the problem.


So the next test you could perform is running the DMS without EPG data. Please do the following:

  1. Stop the DMS by using the tray tool context menu.
  2. Remove the file epg.dat that is located in the config sub-directory of the configuration folder.
  3. Launch the DMS options (svcoptions.exe). Tick Hardware -> Disable EPG reception for all your ATSC tuners. Close with OK.
  4. Start the DMS. Open the web interface, go to the Timer page, click New Timer for creating a recording timer manually without EPG data being involved. Does it work?
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Yes. Maybe. It's a mysterious bug. Why doesn't it happen in DVBViewer that basically uses the same code? Why doesn't it happen here in my ATSC simulation when I output ATSC EPG data as XML in the browser by using the DMS API?


Another thing you can try: Keep the DMS without EPG, but try to start the recording from the DVBViewer client as you initially did (like in the screenshots in your first post). Does it work?

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I've spent some time with examining ATSC EPG related code, but I could not find a reason for the problem described by you. Furthermore it did not occur on additional tests with ATSC files as (simulated) live TV source. It seems to be impossible to pinpoint it without an opportunity to reproduce the error with your live TV data source under debugger control. 


All I can provide for now is an attempt to catch the access violation before it interrupts the recording start. I will send it to you as an attachment of a personal message (PM). However, this is no real fix, but only a work-around (if it works). The issue may show up again on other occasions.


One more question: Are all channels affected that you are receiving or only some of them?

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What if using, in the meantime, for example WebGrab++ and grabbing the EPG from external sources and then import with XEPG? That would imply you to disable EPG reception for all ATSC tuners and still have an EPG. 

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22 minutes ago, Hoyul Lee said:

@majstang I don't know how to use WebGrab++, and sitepack has no Korean channel list. Can you help me to setup Korean channel EPG?


Making a siteini is quite tricky to begin with and making it for a Korean EPG site would require master skills and using lots of google translations, which I dont have. Besides, Im having a hard time keeping up with everything im involved in as is. Best option for you is to search for Korean EPG that are available in xmltv format. If you find it you can import it as is with XEPG -> DVBViewer/DMS

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9 minutes ago, Hoyul Lee said:

Tried. and still cannot record


This means the access violation does not happen where i thought it would happen. So I have to go on searching...


Another possibility would be to record a transponder dump from your with the TransEdit Analyzer including ATSC EPG data and upload it somewhere so I can check what is inside. However, in case of ATSC this is difficult because the EPG data is spread over many different streams (I have to explain how it must be done), and the resulting file can be quite big (maybe 100 MB or more). Do you have web space like DropBox where you can upload such a file?

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Please check your PMs. I think I made it work and also fixed another ATSC related bug. There was no ATSC category in the UPnP -> TV section (see Media page of the web interface).


Please let me know if you encounter other issues. It's always useful for DMS development if it is tested in an environment that can't be tested here.

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Finally, it works!!! Thanks!!!

Thank you very much!



P.S. Please release this test version as a public regular release.

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