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Video audio sync


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Purchased the video editor, original plays back fine but when I save it using the video editor the audio is out of sync and the video is choppy.

8 core processor, 16G RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTS450

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A similar question is in the german part of this forum, but the thread opener (TO) didn't answer Christian's question yet. He asked the TO to start the Editor with the debug parameter '-debug'.


When starting the Editor with this parameter there should be a log file after the cutting in the configuration folder (Tools > Environment Options --> Show Configuration folder) with further informations which might be helpful for Christian or Griga.



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vor 2 Stunden schrieb griz:

how do you use it 


I don't understand, what do you mean with "it" ?


In case you don't know how do start a program with parameters, one of many other methods is:

  1. press and hold the windows-button, shortly press the 'R'-button and release the windows-button afterwards
  2. copy the appropriate path according to the installed bit-version of the video editor. If you changed the installation path during installation, you have to use the right path where the "VideoEditor.exe" is stored on your system:
          - 64-Bit:      "C:\Program Files\Video Editor\VideoEditor.exe" -debug
          - 32-Bit:      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Video Editor\VideoEditor.exe" -debug
  3. press 'OK' or the enter-/return-button to start the program. 
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