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Recording service and VLC


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I have problem with VLC client .

When i explore via upnp content directory tree, example TV , all channel , exploring goes to infinite.. ( infinite all channels)

Is this problem solved under latest DMS ?


PS: this happends only with VLC (all versions i have tested)


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Thanks Griga for your Response.

Can you show your URl because i have see something strange on my side... ( specially end of URl)

Have you try also on Win 10 64 bits ?

Is your VLC 32 or 64 bits ? (mine is 3.04 64 bits)

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A friend of mine have DMS and have exactly same problem as me with VLC and subfolder for Upnp server.


I have looked a little bit on VLC source, and it seems allergic to # separators ... ans in subfolders you have a lot of # separators ( look a the end of all channels ->  t#a )

I'v downloaded the source code of VLC 3.04.

Look at file input.c function  *InputSourceNew.

It calls  input_SplitMRL .In that it includes :


        /* Remove HTML anchor if present (not supported).
         * The hash symbol itself should be URI-encoded. */
        p = strchr( p, '#' );


Recompiling VLC to test this it out of my capabilities , especially under windows ... so i can't test if it works with removing this part in input_SplitMRL


I think the solution would be to replace all # separator by a other one , ex underscore _ .


I can't explain why it is working on your side ?...


Out of topic, I have posted french language file in relevant section, please add it in next publication.

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40 minutes ago, Etienne said:

I can't explain why it is working on your side ?...


Now I can, thanks to your researches:


On 5/12/2017 at 7:01 PM, hackbart said:

Added: UPnP: Tweak “UPnP delimiter character for object paths” (launch DMSTweaker.bat).  It specifies the character that the Media Server uses as delimiter for object paths in its UPnP XML output (see here and here). Some clients cannot cope with the default delimiter #. It can be replaced for example by $. Letters must not be used here!


Here it is set to $. I've already noticed in 2017 that there is a problem with # and the Android version of VLC, but forgot about it. Maybe we should change the default.


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