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Constant discontinuities and glitching.

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Hello I bought a new processor and motherboard this week ( i9-9900k ) and it required Windows 10. So I upgraded my operating system, Since running on Win10 I have constant glitching and discontinuites. The glitching make watching tv unbearable, it affects both Satellite and Cable, with either hardware or software decoding, it doesnt matter which filter or renderer I choose, it just glitches endlessly. I was running latest DVBsky drivers, but a friend recommended I try pervious version from 2015 and still the endless glitching occurs. When I move the DVBsky back into a Windows 7 box. It works perfectly without any discontinuites or glitching. What can I do to fix this problem?


My hardware


DVBsky T9580

Nvidia Geforce 1080







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Come on guy's, It's impossible to watch tv at the moment. Someone must have some solution?

This same card on windows 7 works flawlessly.



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Often problems like this are very difficult to solve, because they are hardware/driver related and the cause may be hidden somewhere deep down in Windows.


A possible explanation for such issues can be found here, see last paragraph "Background information: Why drop-outs occur". Unfortunately the Latency Checker tool doesn't yield reliable results under Windows 8 and later. However, for analysis you can try to disable other devices as suggested in the last but one paragraph.


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