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DVBViewer+MediaServer > EPG in TS Stream Missing ?


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I found this problem by using TS-Doctor Commercial detection

I tested with : DVBViewer+MediaServer v6.1.5.2 vs. v6.1.6.1

The recording TS-files will be cutted with TS-Doctor (https://cypheros.de)

(Cutting point detection with EPG mode in TS-Doctor)

In recordings taken with v6.1.5.2 everything is fine.
Since v6.1.6.1 EPG will not be recognized by TS-Doctor -
(I did not checked v6.1.6."0")

I rolled back to v6.1.5.2 (by upgrading without config changes) -> now the EPG will be recognized.

It looks the EPG will not be included into the recording TS-File (from v6.1.6.1) although the following flag has been activated:
DVBViewer Media Server Config > Recorder > Include (Group, right bottom corner) > [X] EPG Data (TS)
--> All Include Flags are set
--> Filler Data will be removed (just in case it might be relevant)

When using TransEdit > open recording TS File (Scan > F8 - Open TS File > then F9 - Analyse)
the result is, that v6.1.6.1 recording has no packages for the StreamType SDT & EIT. - but v6.1.5.2 recording has them.

Does someone else see this effect - or is there a hidden flag to fix this issue?



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It's a known issue of and DMS and will be surely fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can look in the members area -> Beta section. There are fixes for DVBViewer and DMS as a temporary solution. Please read the included ReadMe!


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the Beta-Version has FIXED the issue.

I searched for the issue - but didn't found it in the forum ... and I didn't had the idea to search for beta / fixes ... 😉


Many Thanks for the fast help !!!

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