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I tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalling DVBViewer, different USB ports, i tried this tunner(Happague-WinTV-soloHD) in another PC and works fine. Driver is showing normally installed in device manger.My windows installation is also fresh(2 months, and cant figure where is the problem.


I re-scanned devices inside program and its properly recognized without problem i set properly DVBT2 for scanning and everything.


I did send mail to support also but got no response.


Any idea whats wrong?



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It's wrong :whistle: that you use an Insider Preview developer build 21xxx of Win10 where BDA subsystem is overall broken (several reports about this, seems not related to what device or what TV software is used). You only can report this to Microsoft by the Feedback Hub (please do it, more complaints could be helpful) and hope this will be fixed in one of the next builds. Or use a regular Win10 version like 20H2 instead of living on the bleeding edge.


Other reports here or here (German).

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vor 15 Minuten schrieb HaraldL:

It's wrong :whistle: that you use an Insider Preview developer build 21xxx of Win10


I don't see this in the SystemInfo.txt from the support.zip:



OS:           Windows 10x64
OS Build:     2004-21277


Here a Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD works well under Windows 10 2004.


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Yes, the developer builds are numbered 2004-xxxxx, just ignore the "2004-", was wondering myself after updating my Insider Preview virtual machine if I got a downgrade to 2004. Only the (currently 5 digit) build number after 2004- is interesting.


Build numbers of release versions (not previews/betas):

Windows 10 Version 1507: 10240 Initial version July 2015 Threshold 1
Windows 10 Version 1511: 10586 November 2015 Threshold 2
Windows 10 Version 1607: 14393 Anniversary Update August 2016 (= Server 2016) Redstone 1
Windows 10 Version 1703: 15063 Creators Update April 2017 Redstone 2
Windows 10 Version 1709: 16299 Fall Creators Update October 2017 Redstone 3
Windows 10 Version 1803: 17134 April 2018 Update Redstone 4
Windows 10 Version 1809: 17763 October 2018 Update (= Server 2019) Redstone 5
Windows 10 Version 1903: 18362 19H1 May 2019 Update "Vanadium"
Windows 10 Version 1909: 18363 19H2 November 2019 Update "Vanadium Update"
Windows 10 Version 2004: 19041 20H1 May 2020 Update "Vibranium"
Windows 10 Version 2009: 19042 20H2 "Vibranium Update" or "Manganese"?
Windows 10 Version 2104: xxxxx 21H1 "Iron?"


You see your build number quickly with Win+R command "winver", with 2004 you should have 19041.xxx. Anything newer than 19042.xxx is not a release but a beta/preview currently. Insider Preview dev channel recently made a big jump from builds 20xxx (21H1?) to 21xxx (21H2?) and from this point BDA is broken.



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