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Export channel list with channel numbers


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Hi all,


I am aiming at, seemingly, very simple task: I would like to export the channel list from DVBViewer to a text file, and I would like to have the channel numbers included in the list. So I can print the list of my 3000 channels and have them handy when I want to switch the channel with my remote by simply dialing a relevant number.


I keep failing, however, to include the channel numbers in the .csv export file! I can have them displayed in the channel window, but impossible to export into a text file for processing and printing.


I would greatly appreciate any tip or advice on this.


Many thanks in advance,




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There might be a simpler way, but I just tried this:

Open the csv file in a spreadsheet program.

Insert a column for the channel number.

If you have extra audio channels, and it's not practical to delete them all, use a formula to skip them

e.g. IF(<current VPID>=<previous VPID>,<last channel>,<last channel>+1

and Copy Down the column, then all audio channels for a given station should have the same number. Or else use "" (blank) in place of <last channel> and filter out the extra channels by sorting.

Print in format required.

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Nice easy solution for you, no editing or adding of channel numbers required assuming you have the DVBViewer Recording Service installed/enabled and Excel


Launch the following page - http://localhost:8089/api/Getchannelsxml.html

you'll should see all your channels with the numbers, to get it into a table format, save the source as channels.xml - I'm using Chrome, should be same with IE / Firefox


With a recent version of Excel (I'm using 2007 edition), load up the xml file, an radio options box will appear, choose XML table and the results show in a nice table format include the channel numbers.

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Thank you guys very much for quick replies! I tired editing the csv file in Excel and deleting additional audio tracks, but there was an increasing divergence between such produces numbers and what DVBV was reacting to. I think the problem was the exported csv file was not sorted by the channel number, and I did not know how to do that.


Then I tried the saved xml file and it worked perfectly.


So I have my list and can keep switching accurately!


Many thanks again,


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