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OSD channels list

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Hi there,


Just downloaded the new V5.3.2.0 version.

Until now, when selecting CHANNELS in the OSD menu, my neatly edited FAVORITES list was shown.

The new version, when selecting CHANNELS, enters somewhere in the full scanned channellist (in my case thousands of entries).

Does anybody know how to enter the favorites list in the OSD menu?


Apart from this small inconvenience I am really addicted for more than 10 years to this marvelous programme.


Thanks in advance.

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Press OSD-red [F5] twice with open OSD channel list this should switch from "TV" to "Favourites"

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Problem resolved.


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      Wenn ein Video über "OSD Recordings" beim der Wiedergabe gestoppt / beendet wird, ist die Auflistung der Videos wieder Anfang.
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