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It would be great, if DVBViewer and Recording Service use virtual channel names instead of actual when working with Kodi like DVBLink or TVHeadend do to group channels with the same or different actual names from different sources under one virtual.

For example,

> Virtual Channel A shown in Kodi:

- Actual Channel A from Source 1,

- Actual Channel A from Source 2,

- Actual Channel AB from Source 3,

> Virtual Channel B shown in Kodi:

- Actual Channel B from Source 1,

- Actual Channel C from Source 15,

- Actual Channel AC from Source 19.


Otherwise there's a mess of channels in Kodi and user cannot group channels depending on his will

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    • Timobeil95
      By Timobeil95
      Jriver hat nun eine Funktion, um Sat>ip Geräte zu "empfangen". Nun habe ich dort im Forum schon recherchiert und herausgefunden, dass es bei der Kanalsuche wohl irgendwie erforderlich ist, dass der Server eine M3U automatisch mitliefert. Kann ich dies irgendwie einstellen? Denn JRiver findet Nichts bei der Kanalsuche. 
      Viele Grüße
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      Alles flugs im Überlick und umschaltbar haben fehlte mir: http://cssdynamics.bplaced.net
      Es dauert allenfalls eine halbe Sekunde länger und bedingt php einfach mit backticks.
      Sonst müsste man in der Windows Registry einen Ordner anlegen.
      Der browser ermöglicht auch den kompletten Zugriff auf alle Programme mit eigenen Oberflächen und beliebig vielen
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      I have had DVBViewer for quite a few years now and always had the same problem. I hope one of you clever peeps can explain what the correct procedure is:-
      1) I open transedit with my 28.2 ini file that is stored in the DVBViewer directory ( I also have one in a directory C:/ProgramData CMUV?)
      2) I do a "Scan all" (that currently 78 transponders as of March 2015) I have filter 1 set to free to air and filter 2 set to both, It finds 390 channels.
      3) I press update all button and then close the scanner page.
      4) Then I remember to press the save button on the Transedit page, this i am thinking has updates the 28.2 ini file with all the channels it found during the scan?
      5) It looks like this has saved and opened from the CMUV directory, any idea why do i have 2 directories with similar info in?
      6) I copied the 28.2 ini so i have the same file in both places, as i dont know what i am doing.
      7) I open DVBViewer NOW WHAT should i do? I go to the TV/Radio tab and click on channel list, there isn't one, so I click on channel editor and then try and use the button bottom left, which says "Imports a channel list" Excellent i think I can import the list i have just saved, I select it and press open, the box closes and I'm back to the Channel list Editor with NO CHANNELS.
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    • wmax
      By wmax
      Hi there,
      Just downloaded the new V5.3.2.0 version.
      Until now, when selecting CHANNELS in the OSD menu, my neatly edited FAVORITES list was shown.
      The new version, when selecting CHANNELS, enters somewhere in the full scanned channellist (in my case thousands of entries).
      Does anybody know how to enter the favorites list in the OSD menu?
      Apart from this small inconvenience I am really addicted for more than 10 years to this marvelous programme.
      Thanks in advance.
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