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IPTV and Duplicate channels


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IPTV channels can be different even if they have the same Network ID, Stream ID and Service ID.

Such channels can't be used for external EPG (eg. Xepg) since they will have the same EPGChannelID.

This problem is old and it was actually Lars (R.I.P.) who suggested to manually change the network ID within DVBViewer. This is a bit tidy so I want to do it programmatically.

For that I need to know how to decide whether 2 IPTV channels are duplicates of each others. Assuming Network ID, Stream ID and Service ID are the same

1) It it sufficient to test if additionally IP (stored in TunerData.Frequency) is the same?

2) If no to 1), what else should be compaired ? (Source IP?, Video PID?,...)

As a matter of general interest I would like to know when ATSC channels are duplicates as well:

3) Is Equallity of Network ID, Stream ID and Service ID sufficient?

4) What about TynerType=5 (Stream)?


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You need to compare the IP that is stored in the frequency field and the Port that is stored in the symbolrate field. That should be sufficient for normal usage. The source IP is only relevant for professionals who receive almost identical IPTV from different network adapters.

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