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TechnoTrend TT3200 budget (DVB-S2 - PCI card) does not find all channels


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Yes, DVBViewer Pro


I used the included astra 3 transponder file (Astra 3B.ini), but none of the channels are found on this trasponder. Also manualy scanning with transedit does not give any result.

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Some extra info. On my setup maybe it helps.


Software: DVBViewer Pro 6.0.3

OS: Windows 7 - x64

Card: TechnoTrend TT 3200 DVB-S2 Pci


Setup 4x Sats with simple Diseq ABCD switch


LNB A: Astra 2 28.2E

LNB B: Astra 3 23.5E

LNB C: Astra 1 19.2E

LNB D: Hotbird 13E


I've setup DVBViewer opt a / b etc. and correct SAT is used when searching.

I've tried both TT-budget BDA-Treiber (16.01.09)
(Windows XP/Vista/WIN 7/WIN 8/WIN 10 32bit und 64bit




TT-budget BDA-Treiber (05.06.2012)
Spezialversion nur für WIN 7 und WIN 8 Media Center


But both the same trouble.

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Something in DVBViewer a setting maybe?

The same transponders are working fine in my set-top box. And all channels are working there.


I run a cable from my STB to my PCI card. (loop through) So it is the same LNB / Dish setup in the STB without problems.



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