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IPTV in DVBViewer without multicast over udpxy?

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I am happily using DVBViewer for years for multicast IPTV (NetBox ISP in the Czech Republic).


I am trying to switch to my brand new Turris Omnia router now but I have problems to get multicast working properly. It seems setup of udpxy should be possible.


Udpxy effectively converts multicast (address, for example) to unicast stream over UDP ( in our example having udpxy running on router on port 4022).


I wonder it is possible to setup DVBViewer to use the list of these udpxy unicast addresses as a channel list to use it instead of multicast in the local network. I thought DVBViewer Unicast Network Device should be usable for this but I failed to setup it.


Any able to help me, please?


Thank you very much,


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Udpxy effectively converts multicast (address, for example) to unicast stream over UDP


Rather looks like a conversion to HTTP, not to UDP.


If the output is HTTP containing a plain TS with RTP headers stripped (as stated here) the next DVBViewer Pro Release will be able to play such channels and store them in the channel list.


If you want to have it already now you may want to try DVBViewer GE (see download area, read the included ReadMe!). After installation perform the following steps:


(1) Launch DVBViewer GE. Open the channel list window, right click it -> Add Root -> TS Stream

(2) In the new TS Stream root folder select the video or audio folder and open the property page by clicking the tool button on the bottom left.

(3) Copy the IP address to the corresponding input line. Enter a channel name and category (optional). Click Add.

(4) Double-Click the new channel in the tree view. On first tuning DVBViewer GE may need some seconds to detect the remaining channel data. Then playback should start.


If this works it will also work in the next DVBViewer Pro release.

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Hi, many thanks for the super fast response!


Rather looks like a conversion to HTTP, not to UDP.


You are right, HTTP via TCP is used.



the next DVBViewer Pro Release will be able to play such channels and store them in the channel list.


Wonderful, thanks! Is there any time schedule of this new DVBViewer Pro release?

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If the output is HTTP containing a plain TS with RTP headers stripped (as stated here) the next DVBViewer Pro Release will be able to play such channels and store them in the channel list.


Great news!


I hope you can also add this function (HTTP transport of plain TS) to TransEdit and RecordingService.



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