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Recording Service - "Multicast Network Device"


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Hi Guys!
I hope this topic is not explained somewhere there, but Ive been searching a lot and didnt find answer to my question. 

Iam using latest version of DVBViewer (  + Recording Service ( I would like to ask, how it works with multicast setup of DVB-T streaming. Currently Iam using HW (Aver A835 DVB-T) tuner, and Iam able to successfully stream over LAN via Unicast Network Device. Everything works fine. 

But what I dont know, how to setup Recording Service, to provide multicast stream - probably setup my tuner as "Multicast Network Device". This option is mentioned there: (http://en.DVBViewer.tv/wiki/Options_Hardware) But Iam not able to find this feature in recording service.

probably it has something to do with following changelog
Removed: Hardware/Add Virtual Devices: Removed the multicast device entry.
: (http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/50400-DVBViewer-pro-beta-499x/)

So my question is, could please someone explain me, how it works currently with the multicast and Recording Service? How it setup in latest version? How it setup on server and on client side?

Thx a lot.


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Sorry, no better news: The Recording Service as server does not support multicast.


The upcoming successor product "DVBViewer Media Server" will most likely provide an API for setting up UDP/RTP multicast, but this will require a licence for expert / professional usage. That's all I can say for now - things are still in progress.

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That topic is not about the standalone Recording Service. There was a plugin or function for DVBViewer itself (never used it and I think it's no longer available but I can be wrong) called "DVBServer" which was active only when DVBViewer is running and obviously had much less functionality than RS.

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