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DVBViewer Media Server Live stream

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Dear Team

any idea on how to troubleshoot it ? ( fyi it was the same issue with the previous version of the media server )


I am struggling with the media server live stream ..

getting access to the web interface via my laptop or via my iPhone is working fine, browsing the available channels is ok ( I am using TS streams from IPTV m3u list) , play in web browser is ok , however only one channel is playing( always the same , the first from my favorite playlist) .. trying to switch to other channels , the logo and channel name are displayed but the video content do not switch and remains to  the first from my favorite playlist.  The same issue occurs when trying from the Local network or  internet connection to the media server.



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Looks like there is not data arriving from the IPTV source. The TS Stream device tries to retune (= reconnect to the server) repeatedly:



CheckAutoRetune  Retuning TS Stream Device


Do the channels work in DVBViewer?

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yes , they all work fine in DVBViewer

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the Retune TS stream Device was set to 5 sec, I changed it to 1sec , then 10 sec, same issue.

note that if I change the order of favorites channel ( in the DVBViewer channel editor window) still I am able to stream but always only the ( new) first channel of my channel favorite list..

It looks like the switch to other channel is not working.  

i.e. when streaming the new first channel (play in browser)  and trying to change the stream to other channel, the channel name is changing  ( in the channel selection window) but the video is then again showing the (new) first channel.


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How do the URLs look like? Can I receive these channels for reproducing the problem?

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wrong post / correction

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wrong post

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