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Wiedergabe gestört nach Windows 10 Update auf 2004


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Hallo Forum, folgendermassen konnte ich meine Terrac Cinergy HTC USB XS (USB\VID_0CCD&PID_008E&REV_0100) wieder in Betrieb setzen: Ausgangspunkt: frisches WIN 10 2004 64bit, Terratec Tr

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Habe das Problem durch hartnäckigen Wiederholen selbst lösen können. Ich habe den Treiber 5.2020.406.38260 vom 16.09.20 nochmals heruntergeladen, da ich die Mitteilung bei Hauppauge für diesen Treiber gelesen hatte, dass Fehlbelegung des Treiber unter Windows im Geräte Manger behoben sei, was bei mir immer der Fall war, nach den Neustart. Dieses mal kam auch der prompt Hardware erkannt, was die letzten Male nicht kam. Ich lies auch einen neuen Sendersuchlauf laufen, mit Erfolg.

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I got same problem but even with IPTV streams, stutering sound or picture, using LAV and this works fine in any app except DVBViewer, happens only after 2004 update ..

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I double click hvr930c 2020 driver setup, it extract in c program files 86/hauppauge/Win10 Drivers/5.2020.0406.38260/hvr900


I take only these files from that folder( emAudio64,emBDA64,emOEM64,emPRP,emPRP64) and paste them inside c program files 86/terratec/Cinergy HTC USB XS HD (64 Bit)/Cinergy_HTC_USB_XS

then open device manager, and install manually from there.


Or revert windows 10 version.

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Having a Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick and using it for cable TV, I have succeeded to install and use it on Windows 10 20H2 (64bit) after some bit of trial and error, as follows.


The first notable attempt, but with partial success, was the Hauppauge method as mentioned earlier: I copied someplace the original Cinergy drivers from their default installed location (under Program Files (x86)\TERRATEC\), then uninstalled the driver via Control Panel / Programs and Features, then “installed” the 5.2020.0406.38260 driver from Hauppauge only to obtain its files, then copied the Hauppauge files emAudio64.sys, emBDA64.sys, emOEM64.sys, emPRP64.ax and emPRP.ax (this one is for SysWOW64 directory) over the previously saved Cinergy files (replacing them), then installed the Cinergy HTC device in Device Manager by pointing to these new combined drivers.


Result: the Cinergy HTC stick worked well, but only in TV/DVB-C mode; by switching to external composite or S-Video, the computer crashed with BSOD at each attempt. Later I replaced also the emMON.exe file with the one from Hauppauge (by renaming the hcwemmon.exe to emMON.exe), but there were no difference.


Because of the BSOD occurrences, I searched further for some other variants until I ended on this one that worked well for me: I took the eMPIA USB 2861 Device Driver 5.2015.521.0 for Windows 8.1, I copied all its files over the previous mixed driver files from above (although for 64bit system only the emBDA64.sys, emOEM64.sys, emPRP64.ax and emPRP.ax are useful) while keeping the emAudio64.sys and emMON.exe from Hauppauge version (these ones are not present in the eMPIA drivers), then installed the Cinergy HTC device in Device Manager by pointing to these new combined drivers.


Result: now the Cinergy HTC stick works well under all tested [1] circumstances.


Before each attempt I uninstalled the Cinergy HTC driversr (and restarted the system if/when requested). Except for the very first install of the Cinergy original drivers (Windows 10 1909 version at that time), I installed/uninstalled all tested drivers using the device properties under Device Manager.


For all tests I used either TerraTec Home Cinema Elgato 6.32.03 build or Geniatech 6.48.02 build, but also DVBViewer TerraTec Edition. As far as I guess (?) DVBViewer cannot switch to external inputs, this being something device dependent.


After all these tests I reinstalled the system clean (using MediaCreationTool20H2 tool) and installed the Cinergy HTC directly with my cocktail drivers, which worked well at first attempt.


This is my cocktail if anyone else is interested (but it can also be built relatively easy following the above suggestions). Included are also the x86 files, but with no particular reason (I don't have any Windows 10 20H2 32bit version to check the patch and I also have no idea if the 32bit version of the 2004/20H2 has the same problems with DVB as the 64bit one).


Of course, the system will protest at driver install time because of the unsigned drivers, but in this particular case it can be easily ignored.


[1] However, I did not tried its analog TV and DVB-T modes.

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Super, vielen Dank euch allen!


Habe das selbe Problem mit meiner Terratec Cinergy HTC XS HD, und war zunächst sehr verunsichert wo die Ursache zu suchen ist (hatte den Stick ewig nicht mehr benutzt, ebenso DVBViewer, zusätzlich völlig neue Windows Version und dazu auch noch eine neue Wohnung mit neuem DVB-C Anschluss).


Die Lösung hier im Thread hat dann aber auf anhieb funktioniert! Danke auch an @secaricafür das Zusammenpacken eines funktionierenden Treibers, hat mir nochmal einiges an Aufwand erspart.


Schade, dass einwandfrei funktionierende Hardware so schnell durch ein Softwareupdate beinhahe in Elektronikschrott verwandelt wird...

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Ich habe für meinen PCTV 292e nach längerem Probieren unter Windows 10 Version 2004 Erfolg gehabt, indem ich vom USB-2-Port den Stick auf einen USB-3-Port gesteckt habe und den Treiber


Dateiname: driver_hcwembda_5_2017_0911_35255_win7_win8.zip  Version: 5.2017.0911.35255


installiert habe. Mir fehlt jetzt als einziger Sender der BR-München, alle anderen Sender funktionieren damit sogar z. Teil mit neuerdings 100%-Anzeige anstelle von 71%.

Also es besteht noch Hoffnung, dass mein 292e-triple-stick doch noch nicht entsorgt werden muss!

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