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Found 4 results

  1. hi how can i reduce size of recorded files with ffmpeg tasks? for example how can i change bitrate and convert "mpg" recorded files to MP4? i know some channels are HD and others are SD, is there different?
  2. Hello Griga, maybe somthing for further versions. by using the Tasks-command ( api/tasks.html?action=.... ) i did not know, when a started process is finished. (also not if start has happen successfully. no feedback given ) should it be possible to implement this as a feedback once in the existing status2-request or in a sep. new tasks-status-request ? in a very specific case i need to know if a process has ended prior i fire the next command to dms. every suggestion is welcome brgds sir drake
  3. G'day, I want to move completed recordings from one folder (D:\Inbox\Temporary\DVBViewer) to another (D:\Inbox\Downloads). I'm using the Recording Service. I've created a new Task named "Move Completed" (Tray Icon > Configure > Tasks) and made it the default for recordings (Web Interface > Configuration > Recorder > Default Recording Actions > Default task after recording: Move Completed) ...but I don't know what the syntax should be for the new task. Currently I have: Name: Move Completed Description: Move completed recording Filename: move "{SOURCE_FILE}" D:\Inbox\Downloads Parameters: <Blank> Working Directory: <Blank> This doesn't work. Is there a list of example tasks or explanation of the syntax anywhere? ...or could someone help me? Cheers.
  4. Hello I am using the RS API to create new timers and describe them with the &title Uri attribute. This all works fine. However, I need to get this &title back to the after recording task. It completely ignores the timer title/description and simply uses the EPG title instead. In the olden days I used the stoprec.vbs which had all the required attributes available but I am looking for the same in the RS. What I need is some extra information linked to the timer that I can retrieve later in the after recording task. I was able to put this information in the timer title and used it in the stoprec.vbs (when I wasn't using the RS). Now I cannot find any suitable way. I could write the extra information to some file but how I can match the recorded file back (in the after recording task) with the extra information (each timer has its own extra information). If there was at least the timer GUID or something so I could link it. Any ideas? All I can think of is the following - create an additional db with the channel and end time in it (plus the extra information I need) - whenever an after recording task is executed I would try to match the channel and end time with the db - hence find my exta info This is very dirty and I would hate such solution. It would need some handling for repeating timers. Any help would be useful. GUID and DESCR from the Timer would be great as parameters to the task Thank you Jakub
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