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How to extract subtitles from registration


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Using this program DVBViewer 5.3.1 and did some TV recordings and video files and want to extract subtitles from video files in. Srt or. Ass. if possible



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I think TS-Doctor works only with TS-recordings not with MPG-recordings of DVBViewer. You can look at the TS-Doctor-forum (http://forum.cypheros.de/). You have to choose TS instead of MPG in the options or convert the recordings.



Many greertings



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Were is the problem? You can change the DVBViewer output format to *.ts and then you can work with TSDoctor!

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He didn't say in what format he's recording. But it has to be TS because with PS only video and audio is multiplexed but no subtitiles ;)

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I registration in format .ts, I try TSDoctor and I extracted in format .sup but I cant open, I use Subtitle Edit ... An idea?



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    • NeMiLose
      By NeMiLose
      I have USB device Hauppauge WinTV-soloHD and I use it for DVB-C.
      I have been using DVBViewer Pro with the Recording service to watch some channels on a remote location, and it works perfectly.
      Recently, I wanted to record a movie on some other channel and then I realized that the subtitles are not recorded. In fact, subtitles are not detected in DVBViewer (Subtitles menu option is grayed-out in the right-click menu), but in the recorded TS video MPC-HC shows all available subtitles (11 of them), but none of them are working. DVBViewer is also not showing EPG for this channel. Something else I have noticed. It is not important for me, but maybe it is important for the problem. There are main audio language and two more languages. DVBViewer correctly shows them in the menu, but only main audio reproduces sound. All of these issues are not present when I watch that channel on LG TV. It shows all subtitles, EPG works and all three audio languages are working.
      On some other channel, I was able to see subtitles in DVBViewer and also in the recording.
      Here is an example of recorded not-working channel: https://we.tl/t-mSq0GiZosD
      Here is an example of recorded working channel: https://we.tl/t-VacaTglL1W
      I have also attached support.zip.
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      In v6.0.3 I was able to change/edit the display properties of the teletext subtitles (making the font larger, choosing font etc.). In v6.0.4 it seems that this is not possible any longer, or I haven't found a way to do this. Whatever I choose for font for the subs (ISDB, ATSC, SRT) it doesn't change on screen.
      It seems it only gives me the default teletext font with default size.
      Is there anyway to be able to change the font size etc. again in v6.0.4?
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      Hello i have a problem whit Dvb subtitles. They are out of sync.
      You can test this channel C More Series HD (swe)  on thor 0.8 w 
      Is there any fix for this?
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