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Recordings off by one hour (therefore EPG wrong) XBMC


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I have a problem with the recording service (I am using 1.29 right now).

My recordings are saved with incorrect EPG information, because the time the recording is started does not match the time the EPG is used from.


I have experimented with the settings a bit, but none of the time changes seems to help me.

Here is my setup:

- Recording Service Server is a virtualized machine (using virtualbox) running windows 8.1 pro 64bit.

- Two clients are used. One runs OpenELEC 4.1.4 and the other one uses XBMC running under windows 7 64bit

- The recordings are saved onto a samba share (which is hosted on a centos 7 64bit server)


I double-checked all time settings in: recording service options & DVBViewer pro options on rs-server; time in openelec, time in windows7 running xbmc, time on centos7 server


However, when recording live-tv the file under which the recoding is saved is wrong:

I just tried to made a test recording with "the simpsons" which just aired some minutes ago...

...the files got saved correctly on the samba share named by "date_time_channelname_Die Simpsons.*", but their epg entry is off by one hour (in the future) and its EPG entry (saved in the *.txt file) is set to "Europa League Qualifikation Play off", which will air at after the simpons. (and since this game lasts for two hours I guess the EPG is off by one hour... this would also match my other test recordings).


Why is the EPG saved incorrectly?
My RecordingService confiuration says that the EPG time is set to "auto" (and the disabled field shows the correct GMT+02:00).

The system time is correct. In DVBViewer (and in the webfrontend) the epg is shown for the correct/current time.


What is going on here? Why is the EPG information incorrect?


Kind Regards,


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Just tested this with xbmc and DVBViewer (using rtsp network device connected by recording service).



Recording using XBMC: off by one hour

Using DVBViewer (on the same client, the same recording service, the same server, ...): everything correct.


So this is definitly no problem with my system settings :-)

Is this some kind of bug in recording service 1.29


I am also starting to believe that this post would get some more replies in the german forums (what about double-postings in various languages in this forum?) :-)

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It is wrong when starting the recording in XBMC; but it is also stored incorrectly in the files saved on the server...

Is this maybe related to daylight savings time?? (the time and location settings in xbmc are correct; also the settings in the rs configuration)

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I'd say that there is one setting for the DVBViewer settings in XBMC that is missing and that is the possibility to alter EPG Time Shift. If you take a look in PVR IPTV Simple Clent 2 there is a possibility in the EPG Settings tab to change the EPG Time. Had problems with this before but now it seems to show the right EPG for the programs.

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